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  1. How can anybody in this day and age who calls himself an American be against the UNION!.

    What a good company Federal Express would have been if fred smith would have been shot down over Vietnam during the war.

    Notice how I use small letters when spelling fred smith.
  2. MrFedEx

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    I agree. fred smith is not a real American. Small letters for a small man.
  3. vantexan

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    Except there wouldn't be a FedEx. Just pointing out the obvious.
  4. hypo hanna

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    Owed as much to his daddy's/sister's money as anything else.
  5. Serf

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    Yea shot down!! Are you high? Who would have created Express than? Or are we just going masturbate to the idea that a more sensible, left leaning individual would have eventually created one of the worlds largest shipping companies?
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    The good thing about being American is the fact you can choose to be pro or anti union.
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    Takes a ruthless bastard to create a cutthroat profitable company. We bought in.
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    Could be he turned ruthless after inhaling all that Agent Orange over Vietnam. It makes you do crazy sheet.
  9. MrFedEx

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    Probably the guy who Smith paid to write his paper at Yale.
  10. MrFedEx, still the smartest guy on the board.

    migrant worker, let fred smith run his company without you (LABOR) and see how far he would have gotten.

    the spoke in the wheel concept is nothing new. If fred did not so called "do-it" someone else would have.

    what fred, did U.P.S. did by in the 30's. the philosophy was ahead of it's time which lead to it's demise in the 30's going into the war in the 40's.

    Get all the facts before you agree or disagree.

  11. Cactus

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    More like OVERNIGHT SUCKSSESS these days.
  12. Serf

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    I am not exactly sure where you are coming from, please be more specific.
  13. Serf

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  14. bbsam

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    R. Bitrary? I know that name...what else did he write?
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    The idea of sending any type of correspondence via air would be attributed to the USPS and their air mail service which started in 1911 on a experimental basis and became a regular service of the USPS by 1918, UPS started sending packages on United Airlines flights in 1929 but only did it until 1931, UPS didn't start using the airlines again to ship packages until 1953 and offered a 2 day coast to coast blue label service, the service continued through the 1970s, however Federal Express started doing overnight with their own fleet of aircraft using Dassault Falcons in 1973, UPS at that time still didn't have their own aircraft and really didn't start acquiring their own fleet of cargo aircraft until the early 1980s, UPS Airlines wasn't established until 1988 15 years after Federal Express went into business, USPS air mail service was determined to be obsolete in 1975 two years after Federal Express went into business, the bottom line here is that USPS and UPS did not do in the 30s what Federal Express started doing in 1973 which was overnight delivery service with their own fleet of aircraft and delivery vehicles, hate Fred and FedEx all you want but lets not try to rewrite history doing it, those are the facts.
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  16. Serf

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    Good stuff.