America's friend Rick Perry at it again

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Aug 23, 2011.

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    There was already a "Rick Perry " thread. Is everybody going to start a new thread everytime you want to tell something about Rick Perry?
    When you are already in Current Events, just click forum search and type,"Rick Perry" and the thread will come up. (It's not that difficult.)
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    Go crap all over someone elses thread.

    Very hypocritical of you by the way....

    (1) there are at least three Obama threads on the first page of CE thread page

    (2) you post off-topic rants and raves about Obama in every thread you touch, completely crapping all over them.

    Anyway, back to Rick Perrys recent flip flop backtrack.
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    Under Obama, there's economics (Obamanomics), under healthcare (Obamacare), under just plain crap (Obamanation)........under military (Commander in Chump).......gee, maybe we need an additional one...."Obama Sucks".

    Very well, go ahead and make 42 Rick Perry Threads, I don't care. You'll play hell trying to keep them all on the first page. It's quite a juggling act!
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    Commander in chump ms moreluck??? Lets see, hmmmm, how to put this....

    1) Usama bin laden dead
    2) Mubarak out as president of Egypt
    3) Quadafi out as president of libya
    4) Ending Iraq war, saving 157 US soldiers lives every month (bush's average death rate)
    5) Ending Afghanistan war
    6) Pressuring Syria to remove another president.
    7) killed many terrorist leaders.

    LEts compare to BUSH:

    1) invaded a soverign country and hung its leader on false weapons of mass destruction charges.

    2) responsible for the deaths of over 6000 us soldiers

    3) responsible for the waste of billions of dollars of military equitment

    4) responsiblle for the hiring of private contractors who killed innocent civilians ( blackwater)

    5) largest terrorist attack on US SOIL in history. (911)

    YEAH moreluck, you guy was a better leader.

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    Was that Lt. Obama, or Col. Obama, or maybe it was General Obama......I forget! Comrade Obama?
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    Gee, I thought Libya was a NATO operation.
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    tos are you trying to alter facts again ?

    Let's compare presidents one stops playing golf ,with reporters tagging ,along to show to the troops and their families that he cares and the other makes all the press wait away from the golf course while he plays more golf than every other president known.
    One vacations at his own property , the other has to go to exclusive resorts.
    One makes others come to him while on vacation, while the other goes to what ever owner will let him up the driveway.
    One submitted budgets that Congress looked at, the other's budget was voted down 97-0.
    One took the blame for what was going on around him, the other never takes the blame and continues to blame others for his FAILURES.
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    Welcome to Current Events where every thread is hi-jacked .
    Your only recourse is to remind all posters once in a while by restating the original objective.
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    Moreluck-- I believe the rank you are searching for is Commander in Chief. And all others in the military salute him.
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    When is it going to be "perfectly clear" that Bush isn't persident anymore...When is failed policies going to fall on Obama.That be today!..Today-38% favorable...Lowest by first term Pres. after 3 years...Time to take some responsibility..
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    The "Rick Perry thread" was NOT a general thread. I searched it, found it, saw it was labeled something different than the topic I was addressing. Apparently you fail to see that this thread is completely and entirely off-topic from the basis of that thread.

    The fact is your perception is not at all what "should be". If everyone thought like you did, ideally, the world would not be round, the wheel wouldn't be invented and we'd be hunter gatherers. Thankfully for the most part things have progressed in the world.
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    It is, and everyone who bashes Obama IMO has plenty of reason to.

    however it is not time to take full responsibility for mostly 30 years of Republican setting the U.S. up to fail.
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    You guys always forget those special 2 years right after 'O' was elected when you controlled all 3 parts of the equation and did nothing but cram a health bill down American's throats. Jobs & budget were nowhere on the agenda.
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    Commander in Chump seems to fit him pretty well. The some of the military salute him because it is required.
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    Oh get over yourself, it's a freakin discussion forum. Any thread that has Rick Perry's name on it is open to any post with that name attached. Keep acting like a spoiled brat that has to have everything your way, yea that'll work out for ya. Even the "candidates other than 0bama" thread would accommodate your little Perry bashing party.

    So are you saying that the republican party has been in full control of the WH and the legislature for 30 years? At no time was democrats in control of both house and senate with a setting democrat in the WH? Is that seriously what you are claiming?
  19. moreluck

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    .................."If everyone thought like you did,............" (Sleeve)

    You know how they always refer to a 'silent majority' ? I'm it baby!!!! ..........just decided to speak up these past few years!!
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    you see, in America, the military is commanded by the civilian administration and the personal feelings of military members are at best a sidebar. General McChrystal found that out the hard way.