An idea that could work if we worked as one:

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    If we, the UPS employees, bought enough class "a" common stock to hold a majority share in the company, could we vote to start a Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)?

    Imagine if we accomplished such an idea. We could vote on our own salaries based on how much profit we make, we could give bonus out for good profit, hard work, meeting our REALISTIC numbers, or all. We could also vote to reduce salaries for a bad year so we don't run ourselves to the ground. There wouldn't really be a need for the union as long as we voted on job security, vacations, seniority, etc.

    Just a dumb and unrealistic idea I had but hey if WINCO FOODS can accomplish this I think we have a good chance.

    *Winco foods is like Costco but doesn't charge a membership fee incase you don't know what Winco is.
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    This is a very relevant and interesting article.

    .... "Publix Super Markets, the largest employee-owned company in the United States, has over $24 billion in revenue and more than 140,000 employees." …

    … UPS has 53 billion in revenue and roughly 300,000 employees worldwide.
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    It's an idea I like to some point but who sets the baseline numbers and standards is the first major hurdle to jump over. Then of course the messy politics comes into play. Those who are die hard union and those think other thoughts about the union. It could benefit many but there are always those who feel they got screwed.
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    Each state could elect an employee or two to represent that state and vote for what they want, after voting for what they want the final decisions go back to a company wide vote where all employees are allowed to vote yes or no. Or we could itemize all our concerns on a ballot like wage increases and decreases, harassment, etc. on a ballot? Idk obviously a lot would have to be worked out.

    I was thinking for unloading, loading, sorting, and pick off we could do a base pay then anything over the base can be an incentive type bonus, like .05¢ – .10¢ per package over the base. If you did 200 extra packages a day that could be 10-20 bucks extra in one day. For jobs like feeder, package driver, and management we could still implement a seniority base pay rate by years of service and years of seniority for new openings. Then we would have new hires start at the bottom of the ladder.
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    We can't even get guys to show up for a union meeting.
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    I feel stupid for even reading this thread.
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    Let's look what the IBT do to get Teamsters to come to their National convention:
    1) All expenses paid
    2) No lost wages
    3) Gambling stipend
    4) Different hooker every night

    That seems to get the stewards and BAs to their National meetings.
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    Well ... uhhh ... never mind!
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    ​No problem here as long as those hookers are organized! What local are they?
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    Well, the Company (UPS) is required by the SEC to disclose its major shareholders, usually someone or some entity the holds more than 5% of voting stock. Management would know well in advance of anyone attempting to acquire enough voting stock to influence their decision making process.
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    Yeah, "worked as one"? Good one.

    How true, about getting em to a union meeting. I'll never forget, and I've mentioned here many times, that they last contract proposals I was in on, the hall, locally, had two. One on Sat and one on Sun, trying to accommodate EVERYONE for EVERY excuse possible. We hustled in on our sleeper run Sun morn just to be there. FIVE (5) were in attendance...3 feeder drivers (and two of em were my partner and me), the BA and the local VP. "worked as one"?

    We can't even get local CENTERS to "worked as one". Some "runners", some not. Some come in early and work off the clock, some don't. Some skip their lunch, some don't. Some volunteer to help others, some don't/won't....on and on.

    If this post was meant to be funny, then it is. If it was meant to be serious...GET SERIOUS!
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    p.s. i'm not trying to troll you, just making a joke!
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    Honestly I attend 3 or 4 union meetings a year, but we also typically have about 15 people from each building at the monthlies. The problem is that you have the same half dozen people out of the 30 bringing up the same tired unrealistic thing over and over at the meetings dominating them, while the others ask their two or 3 suggestions /questions and things move along. Our participation seems a bit higher but the union also seems ineffectual at actually changing working conditions, or even getting things brought to managements attention. As a side note I am a former teamster but am not currently in a union position so I have seen some of both sides. What the union seems strong on is keeping marginal employees in their jobs, and negotiating for more positions which may or may not actually come to be.
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    Number Four is simply Outrageous! Is a different hooker really necessary every night?
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    Hey----they owe me a hooker or two for my short time I was a steward.
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    As soon as I own all the stock, I am going to increase the stops per car so I can squeeze every bit of profit out of my lazy butt.

    Oh .. now I see how that happened.
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    Haha if only we could accomplish this.
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    So what would we have to do to get UPS to offer a E.S.O.P. program? Would we have to have a majority stake in the company? Or is it something we can get in the union contract?

    I don't even know how we would start (other than getting people to participate).
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    Companies have the option of limiting the voting rights of stock offered through an employee stock plan.