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  1. soberups

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    I made a delivery to this house yesterday that is about 75 yards off of the road. There used to be a gate, but it was dismantled years ago and the code box has never been removed. My routine is to back into the driveway in order to get off of the road and then walk the stop off. The front porch is clearly visible from the gate.

    Some other delivery service (which shall remain nameless) couldnt be bothered to walk that 75 yards, which is kind of lame. But what really that the driver couldnt even be bothered to put the package in a bag, choosing instead to just drop it in the snow with no cover whatsoever.

    It was a dilemma for me. Part of me wanted to pick it up and leave it on the porch with the package I was delivering so that it wouldnt get wet or even buried when the county plowed the road. Another part of me felt that I should mind my own business and allow the customer to get the level of service that they paid for. Its not my package, its not my business, and its not my place to do the competitions job for them. In the end I chose to leave it sitting there, but I am questioning whether I did the right thing or not. Opinions?

  2. faded jeans

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    Can't speak as to what was the right thing for you, but I know what I would have done. Given the size of the other package and given that I was going to make the walk anyway, I would have picked it up and put both on the porch. You could also write on the other package: Found this in the snow / UPS Guy
  3. rocket man

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    it was your call . it would not have been wrong if you left it or brought up with you . your camera takes a good picture.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree with fj but would have left out the note, which would have been self-serving.
  5. menotyou

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    Tough call either way. I would have carried it up. I doubt I would have thought of the note, but I think it would serve its purpose. CYA!
  6. Johney

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    I agree with FJ also. Man that driver is lazy. On a side note I see your chained up, you all have a lot of snow up there now? It was around 80 here yesterday:happy2:
  7. CharleyHustle

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    I don't know. If you didn't actually see who left it there, who knows why its really there. Maybe the resident wants it refused and left it there for FedEx to pick up, maybe they left it there for a friend to pick up. Maybe they don't allow FedEx on their property. I'm probably more jaded than most, but I don't even walk into an open garage if the front porch also works to leave a delivery. I don't ever put a package or envelope into a screen or storm door unless there is no other option. I don't ever mess with the customer's stuff because if something real or imagined comes up missing in their garage, I know who will be blamed. If the door mysteriously gets sprung on the same day of a delivery, I know who gets called. 99.9% of people and our customers are way cool, but I make hundreds of deliveries every week and I long ago stopped taking chances.

    I would wait a little after ringing the bell and if they are home tell them there is a package down by the gate.
  8. Indecisi0n

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    So then they stare at you and wonder why you didn't bring it with you which will in turn just make you look lazy when they see how small the package was.
  9. Anonymous 10

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    To much thinking its just a job where we deliver and pick up cardboard and envelopes. We make thousands of decisions daily. So I wouldn't pay it touch thought.
  10. CharleyHustle

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    What the customer "thinks" of me is of little importance. You take the FedEX box and set it on the porch next to the one you're delivering. Both packages come up missing. Sorry I'm not going to go there. You grab the other box walk up the drive and when you juggle it to scan your package you slip on a patch of ice and crack your head open. How do you explain your blood all over the FedEx box? Once again I'm not going in that direction. Then again the package was left 75 yards from the house, who is the resident going to think is lazy?
  11. AKX

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    I would have left it sitting too. I didnt deliver it, I dont touch it.
  12. over9five

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    You did the right thing. UPS does not pay us to deliver the competitions boxes.

    Next time, they'll request UPS.
  13. raceanoncr

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    I would steal it.
  14. HomeDelivery

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    lazy express driver getting paid by the hour... vs HD getting paid by the stop

    i do come across some of those deliveries; since customers doesn't know there are 3 branches of this division driving in the same area, i'll just take it in to the porch along with my delivery <shrugs>

    I don't blame UPS for not touching it. not their problem, but good to know that you'll alert the customer if you see him/her.


    There's a house that doesn't uses the rear door/ porch instead of the front door.

    I was delivering a package to that house one day & while walking by the front, I noticed a ups box sitting there for days (faded address label barcode)

    since i'm required to leave a DN (doortag to us) at every driver release, i made a note stating there's a ups box at the front door <shrugs>

    got a thank you note for it
  15. hembone

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    I used to have two streets that ran perpendicular to one another. They had the same name and the same block numbers just North and East. None of them had the same exact number except one house. Example if you had 7206 it had to be North,7105 had to be East. The Fed-Ex Ground driver used to guess. If I ever had a delivery and saw one of his misdelivered packages I always took it to the right house. One time I noticed a package on a man's porch. The next day he had another delivery and he had taken the package I delivered the day before in the house but left the other package outside. After looking closely it was a misdelivery by the Fed-Ex driver. It was somebodys medicine. I took it to the right house even though I had to turn around and drive three blocks out of my way. I never told anyone was what was going on, but after a while they caught on and started thanking me for bring their Fed-Ex package. A few even started asking the shipper to use UPS only because of the superior service.
  16. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Stealing time.
  17. hembone

    hembone New Member

    Glad you weren't my supervisor, he said I did the right thing.
  18. klein

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    Well, Soberups better worry that his customer doesn't come on BC and see the photgraph taken by him.
    As his customer, I would think "What a lazy p....k".
    "He took the time to get his cam out, take a pic, and then even upload it onto the net, but he simply couldn't pick up that small package from fedex for me" ?

    I would be disapointed and would be thinking, what happened to this world , today ? Everybody just keeps thinking of themselves !

    And like someone previous posted : What if someone was home ?
    He'ld have to make a fool of himself and tell the customer that a small package was left by fedex infront of the gate.
    Sure would make the wrong one look lazy now, wouldn't it ?
  19. hembone

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    p.....k. It took me a second but I got it.
  20. over9five

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    You went out of your way to deliver a Fedex package while on the clock and in a UPS vehicle. You weren't working for UPS while you did this on the UPS clock. The very definition of stealing time.

    Just sayin....