And I Think To Myself, What A Wonderful World!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Leaked Ethics Reports Rattles Congress

    Ah, to wake up to that Yahoo headline, the day is starting off wonderful!
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    Did you also know that the W.H. can't tell the difference between jobs created or jobs saved??
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    Look across the decades and how over time things have gotten worse and worse and worse and then tell me if you see any intelligent life at all ever being in the WH to begin with? In principle I agree with your point but it's really nothing new at all in the first place.

    You think this game wasn't played before? With all the talk of conservative republicans about how they are the only ones to cut and limit gov't size and the illusion is boosted by democrats re-enforcing the lie by telling America that republicans are killing their gov't by cutting it, but the truth is under Bush, the very opposite is true. Even so true of the "Great Gipper" contrary to the public mythology snake oil sold by "The Gip's" religionists on both sides of the isle.

    Let's see the serpent in the garden for what he really was!

    Or what does Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan advisor say?

    Would you be interested to know that in 1980' at the end of his Presidency, Jimmy Carter spent 27.9% of the national income which was a whooping amount. In 1988' at the end of his Presidency, Reagan was spending 28.7% of the national income and yet Reagan is painted as the great gov't cutter! Even under Reagan, the number of federal employees by 1988 had grown by 230k from it's 1980' number when Carter gave Gip and Nancy the house keys. Did Reagan tell us the truth about these jobs too? Did democrats or were they spreading the lie too just to re-inforce their own political CONstruct?

    George Bush like his party's earlier illusions presided over nothing more than a socialization of the jobs market via a federal jobs program. And these new federal jobs, what new product did they sell to obtain revenue to pay for their existence? None! Their existence required economic resources to be pull from the economy which was already in an economic downturn which forced Uncle Sam to hit the loan window, which in turn caused Uncle Sam to manipulate interest rates for a political end, which caused an even worse bubble to baloon.

    Contrary to the myth, like all republican adminstrations before, Federal level gov't grew in size during the Bush adminstration just like it had before under previous republican adminstrations. Democrats have their problems too but since you continue to wave the elephant flag, I figure I'd rip it out of your hands, spit and piss on it and burn it before killing donkeys!


    And for Obama, seems to me that he's being Reaganesque if TRUTH be told!

    And yet you still can't figure out why things only continue to get worse!

    Pretend this is me and you should know the drill by now. Make you feel better!


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    Never fear..... this is all George Bush's fault
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    And I Think To Myself, What A Wonderful World!
    Satchmo! Loved him as a kid and still do.
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    I don't know about rattling any Congressman with "leakes" unless solid evidense and testimony can justify a conviction or punishment.....but you know how difficult it is to prosecute their own kind. I mean double-u-tee-eff, they won't even attempt to prosecute some of the heavywieghts of the previous administration, and that's with solid evidense and proof....

    BTW....Post number three....thumbs up :thumbsup:
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    You make a very good point about conviction but even failure to police and convict in itself is helpful, from a certain POV. The more they shoot themselves in the head, the more I like it!

    People on both sides are waking up and that's a good thing IMO.

    I'd be careful about the thumbs up. When I do that to you, I'm called a liberal so you may be called an anarchist!

    Together we are:rofl:
    Is that bi-partisianship?
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    :happy-very:Gosh ----- I was so so sure that it was Monica and Bill.
    Before you laugh at this ---check the fact that in between cigars silly willy actually signed legislation to have Fannie(NOT MONICA'S) and Freddie set the stage to where we are at today.

    I would much prefer to live in the present but since we continue to get "Bush Wacked" I must also go back to the days of soggy cigars !
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    Also Bush used a Clinton pretext to advance the war in Iraq. Was the Bush Pretext something new?

    Do these 1998' words have a familar ring to them? Words we know now are completely false?

    Maybe the real reason the gov't won't police the criminals among them is because they all have blood on their hands. Heard a new word yesterday thanks to a completely worthless piece of celluloid IMO but the word is a goodie IMO

    The name suits them perfectly!

    Truth be known, we'd be shocked to learn how wars really start or for that fact the foundations of any public policy.

    "]YouTube - Wag The Dog
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    Speaking of wagging, now the word is that H1N1 threatens the internet according to the gov't.

    to quote Al Gore, the internet inventor, "he played on our fears!"

    and for what ends?
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    I read just a bit of that article. I think with if all the unemployed people in the last year who were stuck at home (like Klein) didn't crash the internet, then how could this scenario (people stuck in their homes crashing the net) do it?

    I think the real fear is that the internet will crash the lies concerning the h1n1 virus. Lies that come from the official mouthpieces and running dogs of the government. The internet is a free printing press to all and that is a problem for the government. I am sure they will not want any competing news about their quarantine camps being seen by the public. So if the net suddenly crashes, blame it on the h1n1 virus, but not because of the mass of people shutting it down but because the government shut it down

    The countdown to 12/21/12 continues .