Angry, Hateful, Bitter People

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ups_vette, Sep 11, 2006.

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    In another thread someone said "I don't believe the company hires angry, hatefull, and bitter people"

    I agree with that statement in most instances. However, it's quite evident, from a minority of the posters on this site that, a few angry, hatefull, and bitter people do slip by and do their best to spread their agenda of hate and bitterness.

    These people are the school yard bullies who never grew up and matured. They are the all-knowing, never wrong type we are all familar with. The ones who's ego is out of control. The ones who are very vocal in the locker room and then become mute when face to face with management.

    In some respect I feel sorry for these people. Instead of making lemmonade from lemmons, they make the most bitter tasting drink imaginable, but then they are the ones who must drink it.

    While it's true that I am now sitting on the bleachers, I know well of the battles on the field, and angry, hatefull, and bitter people never win the game.

    All responces are welcome.
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    Gee wis vette, who pissed in your Wheaties?:bored:
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    If you are going to complain, spelling correctly would make sense. :tongue_sm
  4. Jones

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    The mispellings, combined with the general inanity of his babble, are clear signs that he has been drinking again. The sad, lonely drunk of the Brown Cafe....
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    Everyone (or almost) everyone UPS hires is a keener and a good fit into the company. Then they bust their ass off for a few years and get their own route and whatnot. Then they think they're entitled everything and somethign doesn't go their way so they whine and moan about that for the rest of their career. This is known as the blue collar lifer syndrome.
  6. DS

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    ups_vette...For the most part these people were not angry, or bitter, when they started at ups.Some folks have management teams that are unreasonable in thier expectations.Some folks that post in here have some damn good reasons to be angry and bitter at times.If they didn`t speak thier minds then this site would just be a silly place.Occaisionally we get an unruly poster,but its unusual.Most people that I`ve encountered in here are good people,not egotistcal bullies.Just plain old hard workin upsers.
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    I havent met any of those angry hateful bitter people on here. The loudest and most virile is one who is retired................with tons of money, which If I had I wouldnt be here....................

    What are their names, since you are retired mgmt, surely you know who they are????

    The well trained eagle eye who knows it all. And no employee who makes what we do should have any complaint at all. Not to improve our company or our lives, we should just always eat it and smile. Because you all know best, thats why you are mgmt. Right, hahahahahahaha, Im laughing all the way to the bank. 40 bucks an hour to deliver something someone could have done on their daily route, and probaly been a decent day, to giving it to someone on the other side of town. And working 11 to deliver it. Highly trained individuals you all are. Hateful < not at all, they tell me I suck all the time. I tell them they suck, and their answer is "I am doing the best I can"
    Yeah thats my answer too. We are supposed to understand their dilemna but no one wants to see ours.
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    Vette's dissertation may be in response to a comment I made in another thread.

    It appears that Vette and another management poster, who has been rather reclusive lately, enjoy tag-teaming me.

    I enjoy the mental stimulation, it keeps my mind from atrophy because, after all, I'm just a feeder driver.
  9. trickpony1

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    while we are here........if you are going to quote someone then use the entire quote....not just the part you like.


    Trickpony 1
    Vette 0
  10. tieguy

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    Forgive me I thought you were jerking my chain to keep my mind from atrophing.

    I think your point has some validity, We as management do our fair share of creating attitudes. In many cases we could do a better job of explaining why we do the things we do and not always blaming the process when we do so.

    In other cases our people bring their pre-dispositions with them. Depending on your background you may tend to believe there is some evil corporate entity looking to extract every ounce of blood out of your soul before discarding you on the trash heap of humanity. ( dang thats kind of poetic)

    At that same time many of you visit businesses every day where the employees that work that business are worked to death for far less then what you will make. Not in any way trying to say you don't earn every penny.

    As for the feeder driver remark you are what you deem yourself to be. I would never put you down or think less of you for choosing to driver a feeder.

    You haven't lived until you have had to back a 53 footer through a narrow alley to a customers loading dock. :thumbup1:
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    I'll also agree/state that we hourly folks contribute as well.

    Some of management’s attitudes in situations that shouldn’t be an issue cause negative attitudes. Example, I get a call at 8:00 AM on a Friday morning from my brother. Our father had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t expected to live. I went and found my manager to tell him I was not working and would be making the 3 hour drive to the hospital. He went into a rage about not having any “bodies” and how much of a bind I was putting him in. The number of days I’ve called in can be counted on one hand, not bad for 20 years service. Didn’t matter, I was a slug for putting my family first. My father did survive and I returned to work Monday morning. I was greeted on Monday morning with poor taste, “So, when’s the funeral?”. It took everything in me to not knock that a**h*** on the ground. It gets better. My father did die the following Friday night. His funeral was the following Tuesday. The manager called me on Wednesday to let me know I was supposed to be at work. I retuned to work on Friday.

    This is a pattern of behavior for management in this area. One of my co-workers lost his dad last week and received a similar phone call the day after the funeral.

    I see most of the anger and bitterness coming from management that has sacrificed their families and other loved ones for UPS. They are then unable to comprehend how anyone can place their family first.
  12. speeddemon

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    People are hired on with this comapny when thier young, and during thier career with UPS, it slowly turns them that way. And while I think its not beneficial, I do understand. You would be bitter too.
  13. Cezanne

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    Angry, Hateful and Bitter people, nay not here, you must of confused us with those guys over at T-net. Suggest you take your message of "Why can't we all just be friends" attitude over there and see how angry, hateful and bitter people can be. Just don't mention that you are a retired ex-management person living comfortably off the sweat of the working man, you should do fine.:cool:
  14. Ah, the old Union vs. Management approach.
    I'm not going to take sides but a fact is a fact....Like it or not, the Union could not survive without Management and Management could not survive without Union (at UPS anyway).
    Looks like original post was pointing fingers at union; "The ones who are very vocal in the locker room and then become mute when face to face with management." Which was than followed up with the finger pointing at management, "Just don't mention that you are a retired ex-management person living comfortably off the sweat of the working man, you should do fine". It's amazing that we all work for the same company and have such different views.
  15. hoser

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    Disagree, the attitude comes from the employee themselves. A crappy manager doesn't give an employee the right to the lifer-syndrome, even though it happens all too frequently.
  16. HDM

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    What can brown do for you?
  17. toonertoo

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    UPSDUDE. I sympathize with you. I told my boss I needed the day off, my Dad had been in ICU close to 14 days, I said he isnt good I need to go. He said sorry we need you. Now who could need me? Well I left work at 730, got to the hospital 120 miles away by 855, he died at 9. He knew I was there, but I never got to talk to him. That in a nutshell is why I will call off for whatever reason and not be scared of repraisal, as there is nothing worse than shoulda, coulda, woulda.

    Yet other people gotta have the day off to take their kid for a vaccine, and they get it, no problem... Last I knew it only took one parent to take a kid to the doc, nice if there is two but not mandatory. I hate the decision I made to put my work first on that day, and I will never do it again.
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Sigh. I cringe when I read a post like that.

    I think its amazing that you have been able to turn the other cheek.

    Despite the absolutely embarrassing nature of this managers words and actions they come from selfish motives. UPS did not teach this guy to think and act this way. In fact UPS often starts off each meeting reading from the policy book and from Jim Caseys legacy book. Words on how to operate morally, ethically and with compassion. For some reason this manager has not been paying attention.

    I think its great that you can seperate the guys actions from the brown machine. Its important that we all hold these guys accountable for their individual actions and not give that person a way out of responsibility by blaming the company.
  19. tieguy

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    I think you're right in concept. I should never let a ****ty manager destroy my outlook on life. But the fact is we do our fair share as you can read in UPS dudes post. How can I ever defend what that manager did? We in the management ranks have often been told that the contract would only be about 10 pages if we did everything right. The extra pages are there because the union and the people it represents don't trust us. Understanding that reality does not give the A-holes of the world an excuse to misbehave.