Angry package car supervisors/managers

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  1. Is it a universal thing at UPS where most supervisors/manager are total jerks? The stuff I hear I would think a worker would have recorded them by now and would have built a case to get someone fired. Jerk may be harsh but it is so cut throat.
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    Are there some? Sure. There are that kind of people everywhere. Even, believe it or not, hourly.
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    Some of them have rage inducing personality/character. IMO all sups/managers get angry when they have to chase a number. They need to end the week /month/quarter within the plan given to them.
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    the problem with most supes/managers is they get yelled at over conference calls enough about "the numbers" that chasing them becomes their only focus in life. once they fall into that trap, the next pitfall is to blame the daily ups and downs of operations with hourlies being "out to get them"

    basically, whichever side of the contract you are on, if you don't have a core of principles to guide your actions, you will probably end up a numbers guy
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    So what is it?
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    Everyone can be a jerk. I know it is totally engrained in my dna.
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    I resemble that remark !
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    you have no nuance
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    It is against company policy to record anything at ups and they will fire you. Don't ever do it
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    Everyone told me my on-car was a total dick but he's actually pretty cool. I'd go grab a beer with him. That being said, when I was part-time on nights almost every full time sup was a complete douche.
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    There's a lot of pretentious drivers as well. You know the type that think that their seniority ranking is a pecking order of greatness, or something.

    Moral of the story:

    There's jackasses in all jobs, or ranks.
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    This. I've got a few friends who have turned to management and boy after work they are just so unbelievably frustrated after their shift sometimes cause of those dirty numbers
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    Haha this is true. A couple stories, one was when I was in my 3rd month and a FT sup came by asking me about what improvements I needed to make. I was like what are you talking about man? Turns out he told my PTer some stuff that I was doing wrong to talk to me, but he never did. Then 5 minutes later the PT sup comes back screaming at me and asking why I'm out to get him.

    The other was this mega douche who sadly ran our belt for a year. He came along when we had a ton of new hires. Then a few months later they got better and before the shift he gathered us around to tell us that his coming to run the belt was a godsend and he made us one of the best in the building. I can't make this s*** up man. Then he would yell at me cause I used my seniority to finish last, saying cause I wasn't doing 500 an hour and killing myself that I didn't deserve it. So he purposely set it up so I would start 15 minutes before everyone and then they would finish 14 minutes after I clocked out
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    Some people are just born a holes. The corporate environment exacerbates this type of personality. The good guy can't win. When you come to grips with that, you'll be able to see the bigger picture.

    My wife has aspirations to head the dept. she works in. If hard work and dedication were a factor in her goal, she would have it. The problem is, she has honor and integrity. Qualities that are seldom found in upper echelon management.

    People that climb the corporate ladder do so by stepping on the backs of others. A life of sacrifice that will constantly ask for more while returning little. You'll always be pushed into a corner and expected to achieve impossible results. Results that couldn't be achieved without integrity compromise. You will NEVER be instructed to break the rules but to achieve success, you will. The more you do it and get away with it, the more willing you are to do it. The fruits of your nefarious deeds won't benefit you, rather they benefit the person you answer too. If you're lucky, you never get caught. You get promoted and continue down this path never-ending self compromise.

    Proof is in the pudding. Look around your workplace and observe. The people who rise to the top have little honor or integrity. The people who plateau have it and are generally well liked by their subordinates.

    When dealing with this type of sup/manager try to remember. Some folks are just born a-holes. Some are incredibly stressed out by trying to achieve the impossible. Take solace in the fact that, you'll be handsomely rewarded whether you meet your expectations or not. You will be free and that butthole you report to is a dancing monkey, praying his master doesn't stop grinding the organ.
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    I come here to work, not to win a popularity contest. If management or my co workers don't like my personality, their loss.
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    If you put any human in a situation where they have to deal with daily conference calls, threats to their job with no Union protection, dealing with irate and irrational hourly, a family that does not understand why they have to work 10-12 hours per day and basically be on call 24 hours a day.............I think there is a slight possibility that that human may "appear" to be a "total jerk" at times. As the Old Indian Prayer goes......"Do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins."
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    I think it's a true test of character that you can put up with upper management that denigrates you without taking that out on the people you manage.
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    Most sups believe in crap rolls down hill. As the partners say ajust your attitude accordingly.