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    Highlights seem to be kids up to age 26 can remain on plan regardless of student or marital status, or their financial dependance on YOU. Please check your plan but the one for Local2727 states this. The other major change is that 1 million lifetime max per person is removed, thus saving cancer, major accident, and other high value medical treatments from bankrupting you. Annual enrollment for 2011 starts Sep 20 please make any changes like additional insurance, long term disability, etc etc, this is your chance to make sure you and your family is covered.
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    The number is 800-ups-1508 listen for enroll prompt and have pin or ss ready to take advantage of your benefits. UPS is paying for this make sure your young adult kids who do not have health care are enrolled. The cadillac health care only last for 7 years so lets all make sure our families are taking care of. Union employees are provided this by contractual agreements but you must enroll during this period.
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    I was so happy about being able to have some coverage for my son who is self employed and not making a lot of money at this time. He will only be on the coverage for 6 months before he turns 26. I was supposed to retire on November 30, 2010. According to our Healthcare department, retirees' children must be under 25 and full time students to obtain medical coverage. They are NOT going to let retirees put their children on the healthcare coverage. Has anyone heard anything about this? Our enrollment period doesn't start until September 27 where I live.
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    You dont have to do anything if you dont plan on make changes right?

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    Soak it up... These won't be free for long!!!!!!!
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    As long as the IBT is here it will be. You just pay because you want to.

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    THE IBT!!!!!!! Are you kidding, you of all people know they are washed up and controlled by the company. I have said it before and I will say it again. These little disputes between the two are just created to make you guys feel represented. It keeps the workforce happy. UPS is making profit head over heels. None of these fits are hurting our capital...
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    Out here the 22-26 year old kids don't get on until next August. Originally was told this September, now the latest word is next August. If anyone from Norcal knows any different, please post here. Thanks.
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    Call the benefit service center, the enrollment for overage kids has been extended.
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    Airbus.,... Who asked you to be the news moniker? You should stick with your greedy issues!
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    The changes apply to everyone in the US, not just UPSers. I'm still trying to figure out who's paying for it. There is no way possible for coverage to be extended to 100s or 1000s or millions of people without someone footing the bill.

    Are you sure long term disability coverage is extended?