Annuity Plan through Pacific Coast Benefits Trust

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    Gathering all my paperwork as I am going throug a divorce. Found a statement from Pacific Coast Benefits Trust which I interpret to be an annuity with about 5 grand as a balance. Registered and looked at the account on line and it looks like a deposit is being made twice a year - March and August of about 400 bucks. Does anyone know what this is? Can I withdraw it? I really need some cash for legal fees/settlement $. I'm a 17 yr. full time driver out of Phoenix. Thanks
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    Borrow money and SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH about that and you may end up keeping ALL of it.
    Seriously,call them and give them your account # see what they say,your situation is exclusive to only you.
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    Can't borrow, too deep in debt. She's giving me the house, but I have to give her cash for that and other things. She was with me when I found the statement. I don't mind giving it to her because she is giving me a lot of things I want. She needs to set herself up with a new place, first and last, security, utility deposits, etc. I just don't have cash and don't want to sell the house.
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    You cant withdraw it until you are eligible to retire.
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    Check with your union local to see if they offer any legal benefits. When I got divorced the lawyer was paid for by the union. We split the bills, she kept the house and 1/2 of my 401k and will get 16% of my pension.

    If you need money look in to a HELOC on the house.