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    They have hacked into several police departments, including Boston.
    They have stolen some very sensitive info that could put lives in danger and if released put a stop to several ongoing criminal investigations .
    They are soon to learn a very dangerous life lesson, never piss off a cop.
  3. You can't stop an idea... At least that's what they are saying :)
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    Here's the entire FBI/Scotland Yard Conference Call

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    Nothing on line is safe to the experts. Scary.
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    And that includes your bank site and investment sites.
  7. Bulgarian politicians express themselves:
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    Aren't these people known? Can't they just be arrested?

    Anonymous knocks CIA website offline - Yahoo! News
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    Interpol arrests suspected 'Anonymous' hackers

    (CNN) -- Police in Europe and South America have arrested 25 alleged members of the "Anonymous" hacking group, Interpol
    said, amid a suspected attack on its own website by the group's supporters.
    The arrests include four people in Spain, 10 in Argentina, six in Chile and five in Colombia as part of a worldwide sweep
    carried out as part of Interpol operation "Exposure." After Interpol announced the attacks, its website failed to
    load, a fact acknowledged by Anonymous on Twitter with the message " DOWN."

    Interpol arrests suspected 'Anonymous' hackers -
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    Interpol website was attacked by Anonymous soon after these arrests were made.

    Not all true attacks can really be blamed on Anonymous , since anyone can claim to be a member .
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    Very good point.
  12. You and I are Anonymous