another driver out to get me

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  1. There is a driver in my center that seems to have it in for me.
    Twice now he has reported me to the steward about a missed package and a nsn that I sheeted when I was covering his route.
    In both cases the complaints made by him where shown to be not my fault.
    I havnt heard of him giving anyone else problems.
    Can I complain? Is this something I can report. If so what is it excatly called?
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    If he is telling your stewart not your Supervisor, then he is not out to get you. He should remember when he was a split driver, confront him tell him you are trying your best. He is probably upset that you are getting done early and making him look bad.

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    What's preventing you from going up to this driver and asking him if there was anything you did to him for him to turn on you like this? Go to the source!!
  4. I know exactly what his problem is.
    He thinks I cheat to get in under 9-5.
    Making him look bad, oh and I refused to finish his route for him last year when he was getting married the next day.
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    Tell him sorry pal, I stretched my lunch to 1 1/2 hours and still was done in 9.
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    If he has been married a year now I'm surprised he isn't thanking you for at least trying to save him:peaceful:
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    He should have put in for an 8 hour req. What did you Union steward tell you about this?
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  8. he filed a grievance against the manager (whom he got fired) regarding his 8 hour day that he didnt get.
    All he did was call me an a-hole for not helping him.

    Regarding the stewart about the other two things. He said they werent my fault. And they were dropped.
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    The driver needs to mature a bit, if he's upset you refused to finish his route because he was getting married the next day. Nothing in the contract about that issue, and if management didn't send you to help, oh well, too bad - too sad.

    Have a chat with your steward and make him aware of the situation with this driver. The steward can either talk to him or management about your concern. You may want to talk to management as well. No need for tension and stress in today's volatile world, inside and outside of UPS.

    You may want to consider meeting this guy for lunch or a drink. Sometimes in an environment outside of work, issues can be resolved.

    One way or another, your issues should be addressed and resolved, if for nothing else, your peace of mind.
  10. correction. He got the supervisor fired regarding something else.
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    rough. why're you asking that? It's steward, btw. :sick:
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    Because the other driver complained to the steward.
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    Why not ask him to meet you in the parking lot after you both have punched out.You can settle it there and be done with it.
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    There is a problem out there with cover drivers bringing packages back NSN or NI1. It is pain when you come back from being off and have to explain to your customers why the package was sheeted NSN or to hear them ask why it was sheeted NI1. Not to mention how they can pig your truck up in that short amount of time. That being said I would have come to you directly if I had a problem. Regarding the helping the guy out the night before his wedding, what comes around goes around. Always try to help your fellow driver when the reasons are legit.
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    thank you for pointing that's STEWARD....not come off as the as the typical " dumb truck driver" w/ some of these posts.....try spell-check..or ask your UNION STEWARD...the correct spelling of his or her title...or look at a publication from your union...I'm getting tired of drivers being looked upon as "stupid" or "uneducated"...when in fact, we're more highly educated than our management...not one supervisor in my center has a college degree...yet I would say that 60% of the drivers are college graduates...and many have taken post-grad classes..I include myself in this category (post-grad)

    just give a damn..about your job...about your life....
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    We were all cover drivers 1 time.Am I happy when I'm off and a cover driver flags a stop? No.But do I run around and complain to everyone? No.Just leave them be.When they mature and have their own routes they will realize they shouldn't have flagged the stops and they will probably complain when they take a day off and feel that the cover driver that covered their route flagged something.
  17. oooh brown bomber. Here's a pat on the back for you.
    Why dont you take your post grad edumacation and teach us dumb drivers how to spell.
    I don't consider my self a truck driver. I'm a package car driver.
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    Thank you , thank you, thank you....

    For crying out loud.....
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    If the jerk is upset about you not finishing his run then aybe he should have just taken the day off before he got married. I know I did incase there was any last minute need-to-do things.
  20. brown bomber

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    sorry if you took offense.....the drivers that I work w/ often refer to ourselves as "dumb truck drivers"...yet we're the ones that "put out the fires" and "fix problems w/ dispatch and over-allow" and " cover the screw-ups of cover drivers"...the guys I work w/ fix more problems on our own, without Mgt. input...sorry I upset you