Another Driver Shot, Don't worry he's alive and well though!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BleedsBrown, Dec 11, 2012.

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    We had a driver from our building get shot today while on his route. It happened in Petersburg, VA. As the story goes one or possibly two guys tried to hold a driver up wild west style after he made a delivery. The driver had a tussel with the perp and was able to make it back to the truck. Upon trying to flee the scene the perp or perps opend fire on the truck and the driver was struck in the leg, thank god he made it back into the truck though. As of know thats all I know and this was through the grapvine. However I do know for fact a driver was wounded today while on the job. Other details will have to be confirmed once we know more about what happened.Please be safe out there guys!
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    Maybe the next Diad will have a stun gun in it. They are getting so small we really have no way to defend ourselves out there.
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    I'll bet management asked the driver to finish his route before goin to the hospital....
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    UPS stresses safety after night fall.......that's a big BS, then why would they loop routes to put drivers in harms way, whether it be delivering in a potentially dangerous area or having a driver deliver on a high speed (state route) road during evening rush hour...they preach safety, yet they set up drivers for failure
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    "He also said that the company stresses not delivering at night in areas that are poorly lit."

    Must work in the Bubble of Goodness.....
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    "....if a driver felt uncomfortable about making a delivery, it was ok to flag it and deliver it another day."

    This guy's on crack.
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    I hope the driver is okay, I guess that will be tomorrow mornings pcm...
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    Sieg Felty... you sir, are a :censored2:...

    poorly lit areas.... really... they better start installing police spotlights on the PC's then
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    It already does have a stun feature. If someone hit you with one, you would be stunned..
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    hes a bad mothertrucker. I take my hat off to him.
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    Hope he didn't resist them taking the truck. I'd toss them the keys and walk/run away then make a phone call. let my management team use that GPS tracking for something useful in coordination with the local police.
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    Well at least he might have the rest of Christmas off , but he will be stuck doing CBT's and hearing be prepared execpt the unexcepted for awhile
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    People try to steal from the package car often?