Another FedEx Lie Exposed

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Ever notice how all of the Kool-Aid crowd get really quiet whenever I mention that FedEx Ground moves via the Express network and vice-versa? Why is that? Maybe it's because the master link of the argument that Express belongs under the RLA is that UPS runs an "integrated" network. In other words, package cars that deliver NDA also deliver the regular Brown trucked pkgs.

    Over here at FedEx, they'd love for you to believe that we don't have any mixture of Ground and Express going-on...but we do, and it's very widespread. There is massive movement of Ground pkgs happening with Express aircraft every day, and there is also extensive movement of Express pkgs by Ground truckers.

    Oh, and how about at Express stations, where Express CSA's (Customer Service Agents) process every single Ground pkg dropped at the counter? Sounds kind of "integrated" to me. Shhhhh....nobody at UPS is supposed to know that Fred is lying (again). Don't tell, OK?
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    I can only speak for myself but I can't prove a negative so there's not much I can say other than "mixing Ground and Express is not widespread". Provide some examples and I'll see if I can check them out and verify your claim.

    As for the stations accepting Ground, it's just a drop point for customer convenience. Under normal circumstances, Express drivers never touch the Ground packages and Ground comes to the Express station to pick it up. Obviously an Express employee (the CSA) is scanning the package but that's about it. Is that enough co-mingling of Express and Ground to say that Express is just like UPS? I guess that's a matter for the courts as our opinions will certainly differ. Currently Ground packages are not accepted at drop boxes (yes I realize that customers routinely put them in but the boxes do say "not for Ground shipments"). Also, Ground packages cannot be held for pickup at Express locations although I heard a rumor that might change.

    The Ground and Express network is different and separate. Does a Ground package make its way on to a plane? Possibly. Same with an Express on to a Ground truck but it's not by design. At least not on a widespread scale. I can see moving Ground packages to Hawaii on Express aircraft as that's probably the best and most economical alternative for FedEx. Not much point paying another airline to carry it. Not sure if it could go by ship. Maybe it does. But that's a specific situation and doesn't make it a widespread practice if that even happens. I don't know for sure that Ground does go on Express planes to Hawaii.
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    I gave concrete examples on a recent post. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico are just a couple where Ground goes Express. Every time I go to the ramp I see Ground trucks and I always ask the driver what their load was...MT cans, Heavyweight, etc. 90% of the time it's Standard Air, so the argument that Ground and Express aren't integrated is bogus. I suspect it's much the same for other locations around the country. It is by design, and it is also widespread, and FedEx would prefer the rest of the world not know. If you have FDR or TDR access, you can pull-up the routes yourself and open your eyes to what's going on. I don't want to reveal my location for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say I see lots of intermixing in my area of the country.

    Here's the main point. FedEx is lying like a rug when they say the two divisions operate separately, because they don't, and to pretend that FedEx is somehow different than UPS is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.
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    Besides CSA's accepting Ground at counter, couriers bring in any handed to them and place on cart in warehouse. Those aren't being scanned by CSA'S. Ground guy comes by and grabs them. I used to stop at Ground station to pup any Express left on counter for us. You may be right about the above, just not seeing it locally.

    That being said I'm beginning to believe that it's not FedEx's intent to shift freight over to Ground. I'm betting the plan is to have PTer's run morning sort and deliver P1. FTer's will come in later, thus eliminating OT. Not seeing FedEx talking to Ground contractors about hiring more drivers, unless they are all in on a secret plan. Would seem more likely they want to grow Ground by taking business from UPS. The PTer's in the morning scenario is based on them opening the NC hub which would make the entire system faster and more efficient.

    If they actually do this and eliminate OT they may actually come up with better hourly pay, although without the OT we won't be better off. I'm worried it's their goal to eliminate OT without any real increase in pay since their priority seems to be to increase profits above all else. Whatever they decide to do they have a responsibility to stockholders to act prudently. Drastic measures will probably only happen if that's their only alternative.
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    At my station, CSA's process and label the Ground, and then place it on a cart for the Ground driver to pickup later. I'm not saying it doesn't make sense to allow Ground to be dropped at Express stations or to fly Ground pkgs on Express aircraft. From an operational standpoint, it does. I'm calling FedEx out on the fact that they pretend there is no integration of the 2 divisions because it strengthens their "case" against UPS in the RLA controversy. What a surprise....FedEx telling lies.
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    I would have to agree with Mr FedEx on this. I have delivered packages in the past that customers were in straight shock that it was already there. More times than not the package has just come from the other side of the country or the mid west. Now i am no genious but even I can figure out the package didnt come on a truck especially when it was ordered the day before. Unless FedEx has a secret high speed train that no one knows about there are ground packages most definately coming by air. This would have to be by design to get more UPS business with a lower price and a quicker delivery time. We all have been sitting at the tracks when a train comes by and we see UPS containers moving by train. Common sense tells one that if a package was shipped FEDEX and UPS one by train one by truck which one gets there first? Train unless the other company is using a plane which is funny when you consider we are not the same company Express dosent handle ground and ground dosent handle express never mind that the way to tell us apart is for the green Ex on a ground shirt. How many confused customers do you get on a weekly basis that end up irritated when we wont take their air and you wont take their ground. So with that in mind FEDEX may tick off a few customers however they make it up with their overnite ground service and score a few more customers.
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    Kind of sounds like an "integrated network", doesn't it? Perhaps Fred will mention this the next time he is explaining how FedEx is "different" than UPS and deserves continued special treatment.