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    Here's the deal. This is my second time around at UPS. The first time I worked pre-load, but this time its local sort. Well anyway, the current hazmat responder just quit the company and before he left he was told if I didn't take the responder position I would be laid off and replaced with a new hire. I do not have a problem doing it, but I just want more money. One never knows what's coming in those boxes, and for the 9.50 I'm getting paid it's not worth it. Is there any way I can contest this arguement with my center manager? This is a 2nd job for me, so it will not hurt me if I leave. I was just wondering.
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    The position of Hazmat Responder is a voluntary, bid position.

    Article 18, section 21 says, "All designated responders, when positions become open, will be selected in seniority order."

    You don't get any extra money for being a Hazmat Responder, unfortunately.

    If management goes through with their threat, file a grievance. And alert OSHA that UPS has such contempt for their Corporate-wide Settlement Agreement with OSHA that they are forcing a reluctant, inexperienced part-timer into such a critical position of responsibility. OSHA will go ballistic.
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    So In other words, they can not threaten my job just because i turn down the position.
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    No they can't threaten your job. Of course that doesn't mean they won't threaten your job.

    The article 18 that they refer to says they will offer in seniority order meaning they will offer to the most senior person 1st and work their way down the list and if it makes it to the bottom that that person will be forced in the position
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    well im the lowest but i do not want the position.
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    I doubt they can force anyone into a potentially dangerous Hazmat First Responder job, as that is a special job that is not part of the normal part-time job description. Normally you have your regular part-time job, and you do the Responder thing when there's a spill. Then you go back to doing your regular part-time job. First Responder is not a stand-alone job.

    I assume you are a seniority part-timer and not a Temp of some kind.

    Check your Supplement for specific language that protects your job. Laying you off and hiring a New Hire to replace you is contrary to everything the Union Contract and Seniority stands for.
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    correct i am a seniority part-timer, and were can i find this information.?
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    They can't force extra work. Call your Union hall.
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    They cannot make you do this or replace you with a new hire. Get in contact with your shift steward or as menotyou said call the union hall and talk with the BA. Get a copy of the agreement and read it.