Another Inconvenient Truth: What If?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 27, 2011.

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    A staccato list of questions about what the National government has already done that is probably unconstitutional.
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    Isn't that an old script written by a bunch of old men, a long time ago?

    Times have changed.

    The script is updated.

    Look, I auditioned for the rewrite and I was told I had no productive value to society and my role was eliminated.

    What if...?
    No children depend on me = score 0
    No grandchildren in my future = score 0
    I currently work - I am a tool of production and revenue for the governing body = score 45
    However, I am potentially a liability and I could easily cost the governing body money to sustain my life = score <-150>
    I am not worthy of an expensive pharmaceutical for a disease which has no cure = score <$4,795.00> x 12 x life expectancy = FAIL

    It would be easier just to write me out of the script - kill me off.

    What if your value as a human is determined in a darkroom, by some guy, appointed by the CZAR?
    What if your value as a human was a formula in a computer determined by a score?


    Yeah, okay...the clip was from FOX SPEWS.
    A former judge with a Napoleon complex....
    Yeah, okay...Obama will save me.

    And...OMG....if you take all my assets - I am just a filthy, dirty, ONE PERCENTER.

    PEACE (is just a word used to disarm.)
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    I do so enjoy sarcasm! And creative sarcasm too!
    The Judge did not look that short ... I guess the camera does make you look taller.
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    Yeah, but the camera can't fix that hairline.....he's borderline werewolf!!
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    People like that blow hard on Fox "news" think government itself is the problem. As though there are people born bureaucrats whose mission is to grow up and undermine our rights. Government has grown in proportion to the problems we have to address. People like him think we should not think or work collectively to solve our problems. They think the "magic" of the free market will solve everything. You know that "invisibile hand" they like to talk about. Well in reality that free "hand" is actually a finger, ONE finger in particular that is aimed at the 99% of us. And it is the role of government to protect us from that rapacious economic system ( a system not mentioned in our constitution I might add) be it minimum wage laws or child labor laws or environmental laws or OSHA regs,etc.
    On the other "hand" however, I do believe our civil liberties have been undermined by our government AT EVERY LEVEL (local, state and federal). But that is happening because our government (again at every level) is corrupted by big $$. The same ones that control the economic strings of government (the 1%) also want to keep the rest of us (the 99%) silent and distracted and dumb.

    Maybe it is time for a new Constitutional Convention to get our democracy back!!
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    ".................silent and distracted and dumb............"
    Silent & distracted is a challenge, but dumb is easy!!