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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by prickle&goo, Oct 5, 2009.

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    I'm a part time pickup courier, currently getting my full 30 hrs/week. I was just offered a FO swing driver position and I'm hoping someone here can offer some insight into that job. The hiring manager told me that it will average 20-25 hours a week, with some opportunities for extra hours (over 30) but also some weeks getting only minimums. I was also told that it's likely I would be trained for a class B, and that prospect is appealing.

    There may be an opportunity at my station soon: We're getting 3 dropbox routes from the ramp (with couriers), and they're creating a new pt swing position to help cover. It's possible I would be the top bid on that, but not guaranteed obviously.

    Also, I really like my station. It's close to home, my workgroup is great, and we have a good manager. The commute to the ramp isn't too bad, but I'd have to drive every day, (I can bike or bus to my current station.) and of course there's the getting up at 0400...

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    The bad thing about being an FO driver is that they can cut you loose right after FO if they don't have any flex, bulk or garbage stops. If you work in a station that has a lot of the former, you might get more hours.

    Getting a Class B is always good, but unless you go to AGFS, you'll be a bulk driver.
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    What is it that you're looking for? Right now, you've got decent hours (i.e., money) and a darn good work environment. The location is convenient.

    If the money isn't that important and you're looking for something different, I'd go for the ramp. Otherwise I'd stay put.


    I don't know...the FO thing is nice if you go to school, but chances are pretty high that after Peak, you'll be lucky to get 12-15 hours a week.