Another Joke, The FPP Bonus Plan

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    For those of you who don't already know, The Purple Promise is dead (hooray!!). To their credit, upper management actually admitted it was a failure in a recent internal memo. Ironically, they've replaced it with something almost as weak, Frontline Performance Pay. (FPP). While the new plan is based on individual performance (a good thing), it is such a small amount as to be inconsequential (a bad thing). The maximum payout is a meager 0.88% of your pay, which is hardly worth getting excited about, and doesn't really provide much of an incentive to be a better employee.

    Sadly, if past history is any indicator of future action, FedEx will take something away from us in another area in order to "pay" for this new plan. I'm thinking higher insurance co-pays, loss of MAPP pay, or something similar.

    This is another indicator of just how out of touch upper management is regarding employee motivation and performance issues. In short, it's a joke, and Fred, Matt, Dave and crew should be red-faced at putting such a grade-school plan in place. It's time to get a clue....