Another new Center Manager coming.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rod, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. rod

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    Found out yesterday that the latest center manager of my old center got fired. Another case of cooking the books. That makes at least 4 or 5 of the last 10 since 1971 that were shown the door after being caught falsifing the daily reports. Not a real good track record. This one was adding pieces picked up at a large pickup account to who ever he felt needed them to look better. It was one of those large accounts that load their own trailers and we just pick them up. I'm sure the next one will be more honest:)
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    Does not speak well for the individuals that you have had. Does speak pretty well for the audit procedures your district has in place to catch this dishonesty.
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    I am not going to justify the cms behavior. In the 22 years I ve been with UPS, I've seen 5 that had been showed the door. Before you cast judgement, these guys are placed under tremendous stress. I try and relate, being a driver it's sometimes sad to see them kicked to the curb. These center manager's really did sell their soul to the Company. I 've seen some center manager's that run the center great and have the same issue's of cooking the books and not get fired. Maybe the center manager's that think their job is in jeopardy should take up golf or at least improve their game.
  4. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Area 43 I agree with you 100%. Most of the center manager's let go were OK guys for the most part. An old UPSer friend of mine (yes even older than me) once told our Districr manager " You know UPS hires the cream of the crop but it sure don't take them very long to turn them into a bunch of liars and thieves." He was talking abiut both hourly and management. It seems as soon as you punch in on your 1st day as an hourly employee you are automaticly assused of stealing company time and lying about it. Tie you always come off as being a champion of "good" management but seriously do you ever give any serious praise to your hourly employees or are you like EVERY center manager I ever had and do nothing but beat the troops for more production?
  5. Managers are often placed in impossible situations by division managers that tell them to cheat without explicitly telling them. Division managers create this environment and then sell the managers out and fire them whenever they need to to save their hides. Maybe in the cases of the managers discussed in this thread it's actually the division managers that are creating the environment where cheating is overlooked until something happens.

    Drivers can relate to this. How many drivers have taken a package for a ride and not recorded it. Your managers sometimes allow it even they know about it, and then all of the sudden someone is fired over it. That's what it's like when a manager gets fired for reporting issues.

    We all need to report and record packages properly, and then treat each other decently when exceptions are discussed.
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    We just lost a center manager at our building last month. The reason was that a letterbox wasn't picked up for 10 days straight. Rumor has it was that he was demoted to on car supervisor at the district headquarters. The letterbox was located right in front of our building! Over a hundred package cars drove by it every day!!!
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    I seen it first hand and I agree with you 100%.
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    :confused:1 I've seen a few managers in my career at ups, some are great managers put in difficult situations, some are just plain crap out of IE. Whatever the case I feel that they are just puppets on a string, unable to make there own decisions and run the center accordingly to there area. As far as the letter box fiasco, I have been asked on numerous occassions to "pick up" the box out in front of our center, it would help if I could open the thing. The combo/locking dial does'nt even work right, sometimes taking up to 10 minutes to open it. Do you think they would fix this, even after I have told them? NO!
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    Throughout my career I have seen every level of management, with the exception of a District Manager get terminated from UPS.

    Some for cooking the books, some for sexual harassment and some for stealing. In every case, it was that person's decision and no one else's.

    There is tremendous pressure on all UPS employees regarding their respective jobs. And it is management that is held responsible to get results with integrity. Unfortunately, some of UPS management take the easy way out of a problem, rather than find the solution. No one would get fired for having a driver underdispatched, but to add pieces to build their dispatch, rather than finding a solution, is an integrity issue.

    The Division Managers job is to work with their managers and hold them accountable to their goals. It is also the Divison Managers job to sit with their manager and find solutions with the help of other departments, if needed.

    It's always disappointing to read about a UPS management person being terminated for integrity. But there is no room for falsification of UPS records.
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    District managers just get moved....kinda like priests.:sad:
  11. govols019

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    I know one that got fired. Couldn't keep his thing in his pants. The day he got fired was a great day for UPSers. He was a miserable little man that tried to overcome his stutter by being vindictive.
  12. Braveheart

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    Classic and true!
  13. Braveheart

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    A guy with a stutter who could not control his putter. That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.
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    Managers have lots of deadlines. I have seen some good ones go and they end up being great employees else where. Also with managers, there seem to be red tape, so they would have waited until they could get them
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    I think I know who are speaking about, and nobody in his other districts like him either. I knew him as a Division Manager and he was miserable in that job as well.

    Sometimes, things like this bring a smile to the faces of people who had worked with him in the past.
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    My approach to the job is this:

    No compromise; if I get fired for doing the right thing then so be it. I am not as pure as the wind-driven snow, but if I do what is expected of me and own up to it if I don't, I don't have to look over my shoulder all the time because I tried to cover something up.
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    we go thru about 2-3 center manager / per year. I've been adriver for 11 years and the longest I have ever seen a center manager around longer than 16 months. I've seen a few retire early under pressure, but most have been moved to other positions. Haven't seen one get fired yet though.

    Funny thing is that we got a new center manager on Wednesday...the same day we all got raises:w00t: