Another new guy


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So tomorrow I have my first interview for a full time package delivery driver.

Does it really take a long time to get hired?


Sooner or later, you'll have to take a stand.
An outside hire?

Expect to have to earn respect. Most guys (at least here) come from the inside, having to pay their dues as a part time worm for years before they turn into the special butterfly that is a package car driver.

Can't answer for the long time getting hired. You'll have to have a background check done. Took me about two weeks, but that was a few years ago. Might not be the same for you.

Being a center managers brother in law would increase your odds, so check if yours has a sister available. (Making an assumption here. Sue me.)

If you do get hired, find an older driver, and kiss up to him/her in exchange for advice. Yes, they do know better than management. There's a reason they've survived for 20+ years at UPS.

Good luck.


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So interview went good. I’m taking my DOT exam today and they started the background check.

I know the 22.4 has something to do with new contracts. Is 22.4 different from full time?

Sorry for the stupid question