Another one bites the dust!!!

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    Today was the retirement party for a fellow driver. This driver had seen his fair share of ups and downs. He had prior military experience and is married and has 2 children. The part of the story I have left out, purposely, is his length of service at UPS. This driver chose to resign after 5 years of wearing brown. I've read plenty of threads that posed the question, how long will it take to be full time? Or, I've waited this many years and am not full time yet, why? Well this driver was full time and at top pay. My question here is why? Why would you work for 5 hard years and then just up and quit? He said he was moving to another state but as of yet didn't have anything lined up as far as work. Again, I ask why? So for all you guys out there that are wondering when you'll go full time, are you really ready for this? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, before you waste 5 years of your life. Are you really ready for this???
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    Two thing that I want to mention, and both have been discussed in other threads.

    First, not just anyone can be a service provider at UPS- it takes a special person with a mixture of just the right qualities to put in the long haul. I'm not tooting my own horn or bragging, but it is just the way it is. I've seen many people come and go, and you can just about pick out the ones who will make it.

    Second, how many people see us get out of the package car carrying a Penneys bag and walk up to a house and leave it between the doors on a clear 70 degree day? Of course they are going to see that and think to themselves "They get paid for THAT! I could do that easy." They never see the 1000 pounds of books that you have to hump up 2 flights of stairs in the rain, working till you get done, being so hungry you could eat your own shoe, or missing out on a huge portion of your family's life. Some people just decide "No More". Others, like me, are too dense or proud and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Besides, I've never quit anything.

    Just my opinion,
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    Good post Steve and you are right I think it does take a different kind of person for this job and if you are just doing it for the money then I think you will come to a harsh realization very quickly, but if this is a job you want and you have the right mentality I think you will succeed.
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    I have only known a couple of drivers who got tired and quit this job. All the rest of them that left were fired for one reason or another, or were able to stick it out and retire. I have also known a few who had to quit from injuries. This is a hard job and it is not for everyone.

    On the bright side Steve, you move up one spot on the seniority list!
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    I would give him a high five for having the guts after five yrs, to leave a job he knew wasnt for him, and make the change. Change as we all know is very hard, especially when you are human and get sucked into the money. Time goes by, then you have too much time in to leave and you are stuck. Five yrs seems like a good measurement and kudos to him. God Bless him, and good luck
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    Wish it were so, scratch, but alas, I have fallen another notch. I have 13 years with this beautiful company.

    Nice way of looking at it June. I'm glad we're a diverse bunch. BTW, what's all the hubbub about you and some video???
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    Everyone is different ,who knows why he wants, or has to move.
    It may have nothing to do with his ability to do the job.
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    There’s life outside UPS! Many folks live happy lives without ever getting a paycheck from Big Brown. On the other hand, many folks work long careers at UPS and manage to have a happy life. To each his own. It’s easy to quit a job that pays 10-15 bucks an hour, takes guts to walk away from 30.00 an hour.
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    I have no clue what you are talking about.:surprised:
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    I would not call his time at UPS wasted.
    He learned the most valuable lesson in life.
    Don't spend your life doing something you hate just for money and security.

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    The Utube news video. Remember the guy with the bad comb over?
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    I would have to say you have to really like what you do for income. If you go to bed hating the thought of half to go to UPS tomorrow and being mad your whole drive to work in the morning, you better make a change! I really like my driving job; yes some days can really suck, but you have to look at the whole picture. The good days far outweigh the bad for me, and my customers are great.
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    Awesome post. Someone said that it takes a special kind of person to work at UPS. Well, it takes a special kind of person to leave UPS, too. I wish I had had the courage to do it with only five years in.
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    When I started @ UPS I was a PT non-union clerk working for a paycheck as I went to school. When I finished school there were no good jobs in my degree field locally so I started driving "just to pay off some bills" accumulated while in school. Five years was my plan of departure from Brown then I was going to go into business for myself. For some reason unknown to me I allowed my (now EX) wife to get us so faar into debt that the previously mentioned bills were inconsequential. After the divorce it took two years of eating beans and bologna too pay them off. By he time that happened I was getting too damned old to start over. She got the gold mine, I got the shaft.
    To summarize, some people stay because they really enjoy the whole show at UPS, some stay because they haven't too many options. Now, having said that. I really enjoy parts of my job. Getting out into the public, making contact with the people, providing a service that's usually appreciated by the customer. The part I really hate is the US vs. THEM mentality, the " gotta get blood from a turnip" syndrome from management, the total lack of respect I receive as a human being from the company. I even hate the lack of respect I have for most of the managers I have worked for, all but a couple of them have been "lie to your face", justify anything they do wrong, selfish individuals. The main reason I stay is because I'm too friggen old and beat up to be a bull rider and the benefits are good.
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    with nineteen years in and eight full time combination i am contemplating leaving brown also. the company has changed so much and i don't like the direction management is going. we had a thirty plus year feeder driver retire friday and he said it best. "he use to not mind going to work and recently he just hates it" i too dread EVERY night. stuck between a rock and a hard spot for sure.
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    I see alot of people that are just tired of coming in everyday. You walk in about 8am start at 830 knowing that you will be lucky to be home again by 830pm. You do this over and over and over, week by week by week and it breaks you down. No one minds putting in the long hours at xmas, the majority of us pace ourselves through the year so we have enough in the tank at xmas. But all of these hours are way to much, ive already made more money this year than i did last year and i still have over 3 months left. ( i like to take a day here and there)

    The most of us wont leave because we have to much vested and we still hope that every thing will level out.
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    Maybe he thought he had won the lottery and had already crapped on the center manager's desk:happy-very:
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    LOL I see what you mean now Steve about falling a spot.