Another Raise?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Everyone was psyched about getting their back pay checks tonight. I was too of course until I opened mine. Everyone else got paid like 80.00 but for some reason I was only back paid for 21.77 hours which after the taxes gave me a 9.87 check. The good news though.....What are the extra raises for on our checks this week? What a surprise. It seems the ammounts vary from person to person. I went up another 0.75 and I know other people at other buildings that went up much, much, much higher than that. Are these some kind of mystery raises? [​IMG]
  2. proups

    proups Guest your contract book. You can then figure out if your raise was correct, or if Payroll screwed it up.
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    Oh my contract book says that I was already at the right pay. I was scared to say anything at first but after I found out that allot of others at other UPSs got more money I figured maybe, and hopefully, that it couldn't have just been a screw up by pay roll. I know of too many people that it's happened to. Some people got over 2.00/hr more. Thats after already getting the 0.85 cent raise the week before. I got another 0.75. Pretty good deal I think. Just hope it's not a massive screw up and the extra pay sticks.