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    Hey everyone, just passed my tests yesterday to become a "Seasonal Full-time Package car Driver" up in CT. My run will be Oct 1-Dec 31. I'm pretty excited about it, I've always wanted to work for UPS and my hopes is for an opportunity down the road. The girl in HR told me that on their current 6:1, the last 1 hired was in '09, but I don't know how many of the six since then have moved. She said it could be an opportunity next year, or 5-6 from now.

    I don't mind be patient, it gives me time to perform the best I can so I will stand out if/when the opportunity ever presents itself. My only concern is for those that have done seasonal, what do you guys do in your in between time? If there is no opportunity after dec, the next season I think was like June or so until sept, then oct to till dec again, so I'm just worried about dec-June. Do you guys just collect unemployment or find something else in the meantime?

    Also, I've been reading and wondering, what is the difference between a cover and seasonal driver? Is cover there year-round, but just works when needed?

    Thanks for the info in advance, I'm still pretty excited about starting regardless of status, and I'm just gonna do my best and hope it pays off.

    P.s.- for my road test, they gave me their oldest, worst running truck to prove myself; it was a short time away from being junked, you didn't even need the clutch to shift gears, for the hill start, it had to be in first, and then just jump from the brake and floor it cuz ebrake didn't hold even the empty truck, and clutch didn't do squat. Quite the experience, but no stalls, and the sup that went with me was surprised and told me for most drivers, he usually had to drive that truck back because they gave up on the hill stop. I was proud being only 21 and never driven a stick in anything bigger than a pickup.
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    good job on the hill !! A cover driver is a full time driver,he/she just covers vacationed drivers and works a full day !! This is not a trucking job,you are walking more than you are in the truck,so be prepared. You will probaly get the oldest junker in the fleet,or a rental box truck van for Peak (Christmas time) You will find out that this job is a daily grind of hump and dump bundles all advice to you would be to learn the rte asap even if you drive it on the weekend for hour or two just to see it while not under the gun.Pack a big big lunch and a gallon of water to keep you hydrated and keep your body stong,,,Don't BS with the customers,,hi how are you and keep moving..If you spend 1 min with 60 people a day chatting,there goes an hour and thats 20/25 stops you could have done !
    These are just a few pointers to get you started ,,MOST IMPORTANT >>>> DONT PANIC out there,,it's only cardboard and you will get through it,,the day will allways end some how of luck to you !!
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    ditto to what they said, good luck its not what it's all cracked up to be :-)
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    Hey there Dereks,

    I also am in CT and going on my 5th season as a casual. That's right 5 seasons lmao. I should be upset and NO I am not a hack, they just havnt hired an "outsider" the past 2 years.Being in your spot I would expect to be put on a holiday business route eventually. Holiday routes are not created in October so you will probably learn a few routes and get sent home once in a while. Try and learn as many routes as you can so you can work if thats what you want.

    They tend to give all the full timers trucks full of house calls all day with helpers and put the seasonal help on business routes once the stuff hits the fan and volume skyrockets. Once you find out what route your going to be on definetly learn the layout/streets & businesses. After the first 3 to 4 days it will become much easier.

    As far as the off season, it starts usually on January 1st (we were held over for the first 2 weeks in January last year) and goes until June 1st. You can file for unemployment or if your lucky find another job.

    Lastly, I think I drove that same truck hahaha.....I tried to put it out of its misery but those things run forever.
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    Listen to what these 1st few posts stated. Perfectly said.. Come to work everyday, learn as much as you can, and be professional. Good luck