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    I work as a loader on the twilight sort. I've been asked a few times if I wanted to come in for the presort to help out. My shift is usually from 4 or 5-10 and then the presort was 3am-??? I'm all for making some money, but when it involves working such a late shift on top of my twilight shift it should involve some overtime right? I asked my supervisor for some details, but he didn't know. So does anyone know how my pay would work out?
  2. When double shifting, anything over 8 hours per work day is OT.

    Even if you ended a week with less than 40 hours, the amount of time over 8 hours on whatever particular day(s) you worked over 8 hours will be time & a half (OT).
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    For part-timers anything over 5hrs is at OT rate. So if you work 5-10 normally, anything else you did would be OT. Wish they were taking double-shifters in my bldg!
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    Was it to work the preload or "presort"? In my neck of the woods a presort or precharge usually starts about 15 minutes before the sort start time. It's usually only a few unloaders pulling irregs and smalls and some sorters to handle whatever these unloaders get on the extendos.

    I would definitely get some clarification as to what they are asking you. It seems highly unlikely that they would be asking a loader on the twi to work a double on the preload.
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    My first peak, right after PAS had gone in, I was loading next to a lovely lady. She was a PM add clerk on the reload. They would wrap up at about 11pm. She'd go to the gas station, get a cup of coffee, a donut and a pack of smokes and then turn right around and come back to the building for preload.

    Preload at the time was starting anywhere from 1045pm (yes that 40,000 out of a building designed to flow less than 5000 and hour) till midnight. That was one hell of a peak. Three breaks, and TONS of food. This was back before UPS bowed down to it's overlords the stock holders.

    Those were the freakin days. Three dedicates spliters on my belt, four tempory belts in the building, 112 cars out of a building designed to hold 95. You couldn't see the conveyor belt the whole time. The most miserable wonderful time of my life. One of those things that was so hard and miserable, but was just awesome to see get done.
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    I don't know what it's called exactly. All I know is that it starts at 3am, compared to when I usually start at 4 or 5 pm. I was asked to do it Sunday my sup didn't have anymore details about it again so I turned it down. Next time they ask I'll probably take it and see what it's like.
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    I've split shifted before, it's cake if you have the time. Here I get OT for my shift after 5 hours then working another shift after 8 total. So if I worked 5.5 hours during my shift I'd only have to do 2.5 more hours to get time and a half. I think only laid off drivers are allowed to split shift like that here on a regular basis but I don't have time to do it that often anyway so I don't really care.

    Maybe you'll get to unload instead of load! :wink2:
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    During peak the guys who worked a double shift were coded out to 0095 which means the shift is broken up. They were paid straight pay for both shifts unless they went over 5 hours in each shift.