Another View of Cronkite and Therefore American Media As Well

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Glenn Greenwald at Salon wrote this piece about Cronkite but really it was more about the larger media itself in our day and age.

    IMO there is a huge myth to some degree that in what we call the Mainstream Media (MSM for short) was always in our history as a nation, this bulwark or gatekeeper of truth and transparent view of all things gov't. This was really never true and it was also equally true IMO that media is not bipartisan. Sure, you'll have the individual celebrities like the FoxNews, CNN, or MSNBC talking heads (Hannity, O'Reily, Matthews, Olbermann, etc.) of varying stripes opining on the news events of the day but in the really hard reporting of actual news, there is very little difference from the gov't construct amongst all the MSM networks.

    As I read Greenwald's comments I couldn't help but remember about the CIA's own construct in the 1950's known as Operation Mockingbird and once people read about our govt's covert actions starting in the 1950's and continue into our present day, the childlike belief of the gleam and purity of our societal voice icons starts to wear away rapidly IMO.

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    I like that quote by bradbury. When I think about television, I think about the Tavistock group.

    You're not sucking me in, wkmac