Another way of preventing misloads??

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  1. Ok, I personally think this idea is stupid. In an effort to combat our misload problem someone high up came up with this little brainchild. Now when loading our trucks we have to circle the PAL label on each and every package in addition to our previous habit of writing the sequence number on the package. What next, jumping through hoops of fire and balancing a ball on our nose? I think it takes entirely too much of my time to circle each and every PAL label when I mostly look at the original label anyways.
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    On some labels there is a little box that my preloader pots an x in after he verify's that the address on the box matches the pas label.He doesn't have to write the sequence # on the box.Thats a total waste of time.I would never look at it.I strictly look at the pas label and pkg label.
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    PAL labels are put all over the boxes. Why not just put the PAL label right next to the regular label so both can be read and verified at the same time? Again, UPS is penny wise and pound foolish. Give the worker a few extra milliseconds to do it right.
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    You got PAS there in your building?? It's not here at 43rd yet, and I don't think it will ever get here..
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    We would jump thru the hoops of fire if UPS could come up with a method to do it just imagine the 5 keys to avoid burns and scolds:whiteflag:
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    I agree most drivers look past the seq. number, but in my opinion it can help the loader out if he has bad memory or 3 or more trucks that he has too load. Anyways back on topic, circling the pas label sounds pretty stupid. The best way to prevent misload is, as someone said, too match the pas label to the main label. You can use the zips for some load areas / lines that cover just a single zip code but sometimes the shipper doesn't get an accurate zip and screws that over too so the best way is as mentioned before.

    Funny that our center and just our center , which covers downtown, chinatown, and a little bit more, we load by charts. Meaning we load by street and disregard the pas labels altogether even though we are converted. The good loaders virtually have no misloads and we load the same trucks everyday and have a few floaters who covers whoever calls in.
    Anyway i went off-topic too many times, i'd refuse to do it, period.
  7. we had much fewer misloads (I know I did) when we were still on those charts....funny isn't it?
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    When we have misload problems on a loader, they have to write the Route ID on the outside of the package along with the HIN#...its a bit tedious but to be honest it helped alot
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    i dont think there are plans for 43rd PAS
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    We have had to do this for a year or so... I think the paper they gave us said "CIRCLE WHEN POSSIBLE." 95% I tell the supe it was't possible in order to keep up my PPH...
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    The little box you mention sometimes has an "A" in it. This happens when it is part of an Add/Cut/Split...
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    Before PAS when we had charts we had 50% less volume and two hours more time to load...
  13. I just it is just a waste of my time. I could pull the A** hole card and purposely go slow and mark every box and when it comes time for driver leave time and there is still stuff in my bins and they want to know why I could just say "Well do you want the boxes marked or do you want the bins empty and trucks loaded. We can be all here all day I get paid by the hour".