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  1. DS

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    My regular computer is messed up.
    I'm on a different one and I don't want to fork out the money for an antivirus.I went to and they have 3 free ones.
    Avast home edition
    AVG antivirus
    avira antivir
    Does anyone have any experience using any one of these?
    The reviews are varied with avast being the most popular.
    Does anyone have any advice?
  2. scratch

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    The September issue of Consumer Reports tested security software. As far as free software, they recommend Avira Classic 7. If you are on Vista, Microsoft Windows Defender is a free download for spyware and adware. SPAMfighter Standard is a good spam filter for your email if you need it. These three make the best free security suite when combined.

    As far as the best AV suite, they recommend BitDefender followed by McAfee. Kaspersky is third, followed by what I use, Trend Micro. My two sons use AVG because its free, but it misses some stuff. I offer them Trend Micro because I can use it on three PCs, but college kids seem to like AVG for some reason.
  3. Jones

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    In the past I've used Norton, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender, but I got tired of paying every year and they all seemed to be resource hogs as well. I've been using AVG for a couple years now have had no problems.
  4. over9five

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    I'm on my daughters laptop right now. I'm at the beach stealin' wifi!!!!

    Anyhow, this has AVG on it (not a resource hog as someone said). Daughter says she's had no problem with it.

    wow......I am a loser......sittin at the beach logged in to browncafe....
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  6. downshifter

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    I have used Avast for two years on 2 computers and 4 laptops.

    Works well, free, and automatic virus definition updates.

    Only hastle is that you have to re-register annually.
  7. chev

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    I use AVG on all 5 of our computers. It's not a resource hog and it works well. :happy-very: You can download a free version. Auto updates and scans regularly.
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    :surprised:Stealing Wifi? Oh my I would never do thaaaaat. :laughing:
    :happy-very: You just love brown. You can't get away from it.
  9. AnderFREAK

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    Oh man, how I loves me Avast ye hearties!

    Seriously, it's saved my stupid self on several occasions.
  10. freeloader

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    The best AV product out there is ESET's NOD32. It's fast, it's thorough and it's been around for a very long time.

    I tend to stay away from the "suites" that are pushed by McAfee, Norton, Trend, etc, because of the bloat. They give me way more features than I really need and it just kills performance.

    Never used any of the free AV products, but haven't heard anything bad about them either.

    I currently use: VIPRE AV, Sunbelt Personal Firewall and McAfee SiteAdvisor.
  11. Jones

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    Just a heads up if you use AVG ( hope it's not too late)