Any advice for a seasonal driver helper?

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new hire as a helper in Washington. I really only have one big question. What kind of gear is the company supposed to provide me? At my orentation everyone was told that the uniforms run VERY small. We were told we would be given a light jacket and a pair of pants, we were also advised to layer up to stay warm as the jackets were not lined. I asked for a size or two larger than I normally wear and well the pants were still too tight (but I was told I could buy my own since there was nothing larger than a 40). The bigger problem was the jacket I was given. They had XXXL's at one point but none were left so I was told I had to take a XXL (that wears like an L). I got home put it on and saw that the arms were very short, so I called in and asked if I could get a XXXL when one became available. After a week I asked if it was a matter of cost, because I would pay for a properly fitting jacket. At that point I was told I could not order a jacket and that the arms are that way by design, that they are in fact 3/4 length arms. I just had a hard time believing this since we are already hovering around freezing here all day, it rains most of the time, and it gets dark around 4 p.m. My driver has gear that is far beyond mine and I understand he worked hard for it, but I am not only underprotected (layering up isn't an option when you barely fit in your jacket), the short arms hinder my movement forcing me to pull them up to my elbows. I love this job, and I am happy to have it but I feel a bit like I am being taken advantage of. I'm afraid to make too much of a stink because I don't want to lose hours. After my third week I asked if I could just buy a properly fitting brown jacket with a hood and was told no, I have to wear the UPS branded jacket I was given.Is this how it is supposed to be? Anyone else get a 3/4 arm jacket for winter in a snow state or is this a c.y.a. answer? I love the site and I know I will get the honest truth from the community. I hope I can make the cut and be re-hired after the season because I still have faith that UPS is a great place to work.

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    Welcome to the BrownCafe!

    You should be able to get the right size pants, shirt and jacket to do the job. Not sure who you are talking with but perhaps you should talk with the person (or someone in human resources) who hired you to get this straightened out. Good luck!
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    Welcome to UPS. I think you are expecting to much, honestly.

    Two years ago my helper did not get any UPS gear at all. He wore blue jeans and a jean jacket.

    Don't offer to buy any UPS gear out of your pocket. Don't encourage them.
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    @brownrod: I only expect to be able to protect myself from the weather. How is that asking too much? I already purchased my own pants, boots, flashlight, under armour, hat and beanie with no logos, and I own plenty of jackets that I would gladly wear, but as I said I was told that I may NOT wear my own jacket/coat. The reason I offered to buy a properly fitting UPS jacket was so that I don't get pneumonia or any other cold weather illness. To be honest I would say your expectations are too low. No matter how short term the job all american workers have basic rughts, and I would think that the ability to properly protect yourself from the elements falls into that category. By the way you seem to contradict yourself saying don't offer to buy anything, but don't expect them to provide you with the proper gear.
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    I would talk to your driver tell him your prob and ask him if it would be alright to wear your own gear. If you start at the UPS center then wear the Brown until you get on road. I would rather my helpers to comfortable than have to listen to them complain all day. Last year they were asking drivers to bring in uniforms for their helpers to wear. So half of them just wore street clothes. It might be a little bit more of a prob if you are doing a commercial rte but a resi should be fine.
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    If your driver has been there any length of time at all he probably has a couple of old UPS jackets at home he could barrow you. Don't buy any UPS stuff yourself. If they want you to wear it let them provide it.