Any Baseball fans on here?


Castellano keeps fouling them off.
I remember seeing Dave Bergman of the Tigers foul off 11 straight and hit the 12th in the rightfield seats against the Yankees.

Verlander won this one.

Top of 6.

I love the game Mick :thumbup1:


I've got to admit I don't watch it so closely but Bregman is the first hitter I have noticed in years that actually wasn't holding the bat on the knob.

Not saying no one does, I just haven't noticed it.
I played with a bunch of chokers depending on situation and the count
Just an observation.

Someone help me.


I can't believe this :poop:, top of seven, ball has to go through the left side of infield for runner to attempt to score.
These jackasses don't understand how the game is played to win.
The Astros may win in spite of their :bsbullf:.
Different approach at the plate, groundball to the right side and the strohs most probably would be up 3-1.

Different game from when I played. I don't get it.

PT Stewie

"Big Fella"
To Busy watching Phillies and Eagles to post last night . The frick'in Phillies always leave men on base. Several chances to score and couldn't do it . Maybe 2 games to win it . There is always hope. GO PHILS !!!


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