Any dispatch sups here?


Choo Choo
Frequently PKG will be off by 100+ Stops. Pas Forecasting is also off. 1 day I pull at 3 and I should have pulled dispatch summary earlier. 1 day 3:30 is fine and another its closer to 5:00, How off is PKG and the DPS forecast off in your centers? :cursing:
Pkg is a best guess by IE using past and present trends. It is not an exact science. You need to begin gathering PAS trends for your own operation. Record the number of stops from the center summary on DMS at the same time each day (2:00 am for example) and then also record the final stops from the preload summary when the sort is over. Then divide the 2:00 am stops by the final actual stops. This will give you the % growth in stops from 2:00 am to actual. For example: 2:00 am is 3600 stops, final actual is 4000 stops, that equals 10% growth in stops. As you gather some data over time, you will see a typical % growth for each day of the week. If it is 10% ( mine is closer to 4%), you can pull the center summary from DMS at 2:00 am, multiply the stops by your 10%, add it back into the stops, add in your average pick up stops and you will have a pretty close estimate as to where your total stops will be at the end of your sort, and you will know how many routes to load to make your stops per car. There are occasionally days where the forcast will not follow the trends for various reasons, but for the most part, you can count on it. Good luck and SPC uber alles.