any drivers from los angeles area??

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    I was on google maps just looking at los angeles and the mass urban sprall that it has. just wondering if anyone is a driver in the los angeles area and could they let us know what kind of small army ups needs to deliver that area. how many buildings are there in the los angeles area. Traffic has to be a nightmare, how does dispatch affect that especially with all of the air??? I did find two ups buildings in los angeles, blain st and north main, both seen large from what I could tell from google.
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    Sorry coldworld they dont come on here anymore, since they got their lawsuit checks in the mail. Their probably out in the mall spending all that extra cash right now.LOL
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    oh...ok. thanks for the update:tongue_sm
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    red, I guess thats why ups wants All breaks entered into the diad now. The article said that some drivers received 20, 000 dollars. Also said lunches were being skipped...big shocker. UPS does not know the term employee "relations." this company is cutting its own neck, competion isnt making ups go into this downward spiral.Its emploding.
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    I agree, have you been told yet if you dont enter your 10 min break period that you will lose 17 clicks of dispatch? Now i dont take my break and im under dispatched, then they give me a split and im over 9.5 making double time, they wont learn. But its always the drivers fault!
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    It's probably very similar to how they handle most of Manhattan. UPS trucks are driven out in the wee hours of the morning and the drivers are shuttled to their trucks, you deliver out of the truck and don't really ever move it.
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    griff...what. can you explain more in detail about trucks being shuttled...interesting.
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    This is just a guess from me, but L.A. area is much more sprawled out than Manhatten. There are 12-15 centers for the L.A. area (guesstimate) and they operate just like other centers in the U.S. Drivers leave buildings in package cars and deliver. Am I right?
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    moreluck, if thats true then you mean areas outside of los angeles, most of which i dont know. I know there are lots of businesses in the los angeles area.
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    moreluck, your from california, are you a suburb of la??
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    I'm half way between L.A. and San Diego (approx.) Our UPS pkgs. come from the bldg in Aliso Viejo.
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    It is sometimes a real challenge to get your nda off in LA, after commuting to your route, which might take 40 minutes or more for some people. There are a few routes which deliver what few skyscrapers there are in downtown, but mostly drivers are a mix of commercial and residential stops. Some suburban areas have some larger residential routes. Some drivers handle the Hollywood Hills in smaller package cars for narrower streets.
  14. Grande Vista Hub No Package Division
    Main St Hub 5 Package Centers
    Olympic Hub
    Bay Center
    Gardena Hub
    Bay Center
    Cerritos Hub
    Santa Monica Hub
    Santa Ana
    Van Nuys Hub
    San Gabriel Hub
    Laguna Hub
    San Fernando Hub

    I think theres more hubs but these are the only ones I can think of
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    If you have access to the website you can see what is in each district. Los Angeles appears to be in 3 districts. It doesn't give figures just for LA unfortunately, The west LA district is probably as close as you are going to get for what you are looking for. Here is what I got from the site.

    West Los Angeles District:
    Service Area: North to San Luis Obispo, south to Gardena, east to Los Angeles, west to the Pacific Ocean, north to the high desert past Bishop. Six counties (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, L.A., Ventura, Inyo, and Kern) with a combined population of 12 million.

    Employees: 4,550

    Delivery Fleet: 1,600 package cars, vans, and tractors

    Gateways: LAX International Airport and Burbank Airport

    10 Operating Locations

    South California District:
    Service Area: Los Angeles, Orange, Otay Mesa, and San Diego counties, with a combined population of 15.6 million.

    Employees: 6,264

    Delivery Fleet: 2,284 package cars, vans, and tractors

    Gateways: John Wayne, Long Beach, and San Diego

    11 Operating Locations

    Southeast California District:
    Service Area: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, La Paz (Arizona), and Hawaii

    Employees: 9,609

    Delivery Fleet: 1382 package cars, vans, and tractors (149 CNG package cars, 3 LNG package cars, and 11 LNG tractors)

    Gateways: Ontario

    18 Operating Locations (including 5 in Hawaii)
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    The checks will be here in June our tax refunds should hold us till then and as far as package driving in Los Angeles its the same as any other place good and bad. I've del. in Pacific Palisades, Venice, Melrose Area (Wilshire area) Inglewood,Hawthorne,Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes.... done pickups in downtown garment district and its all just L.A. Freeways are horrible but most drivers know how to move around better than cabs. Now that I'm in feeder all I see is freeways at night, less to see but freeways are clear. I don't know why more L.A. drivers aren't on this fourm I've asked a few and most don't know about Brown Cafe.