Any drivers in the military?

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    I'm a fairly new driver and I'm strongly considering enlisting in either the Air Force or Navy. I know our jobs our protected when we leave for basic training and for the time while in the service. However I also know that UPS terminates drivers for ridiculous reasons. I'm worried that UPS might get upset over the fact that I would be gone for a few years and when I do come back the chances are still possible that I would have to leave again. Would they find another reason to terminate me? Such as saying they saw me without my seatbelt on or something else like that? Any info is a huge help. Thanks!
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    UPS is great about military service. If you join the service while employed at UPS, you can serve a 3 year active duty tour and keep all your seniority and have your job when you have completed the 3yr tour. IF you serve past 3yrs by re-enlistment (Not having your remaining inactive reserve time activated) then you lose the seniority and have to start fresh at UPS. Talk to HR and they may have something on, I've never used their site.
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    Yeah, there was a guy at our center who joined the Army and was gone for three years. Came back with full seniority and his driving position intact. Good luck, should be no problem.
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    I didnt think youre job would be protected if you left for basic? since it would be kind of a career change
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    I am in and there has been no problems, and there is one more person in my terminal that I know about. There was never an issue so far.
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    You're completely protected by federal law and UPS is actually really good about complying.
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    If you go to basic as part of enlisting in the reserves you should be OK; otherwise, UPS would not (nor should they) hold your job for 4 years while you go play soldier.
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    Actually, the law requires them to hold your job for 5 years. After re-reading through USERRA I'm pretty sure that protection applies to active duty enlistment as well, as long as you return within the 5 year limit.
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    I stand (actually, sit while watching the Red Sox on ESPN) corrected.​
  10. They are pretty good about that. I was almost recalled back to active duty last year and HR and my management team were bending over backwards almost to make sure it went smoothly. Turned out I didn't have to go. I wish they were that helpful when it came to fixing time cards....