Any Former military?

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    well, this is my first job since I got out of the Corps. I'm not confused with the chain of command here at UPS.. can someone explain what a shop steward and "the union" is or how the chain of command works at UPS? Also, I just got hired as a seasonal driver, I feel like no matter how hard I bust my ass, it's never good enough. Is this a normal feeling for a new driver? thanks! last thing, I feel like there's no camaraderie at my work... like everything is just get to work, do your job and leave. Is this also normal? lol thanks.
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    Semper Fi... Thank you for your service...

    The Shop Steward is your JAG and he reports to the Local Union Business Agent.
    The Local Union Business Agent reports to the Local Union President
    If you are ever brought up on any disciplinary actions, your Union Steward must be present. NEVER sign anything without your Union Steward present or sign RTS (Refuse To Sign).

    You have rights at UPS that are guaranteed by a Master Agreement between UPS and the Teamsters (the Union). You are guaranteed a lunch break, You are guaranteed over time pay, You are guaranteed a minimum amount of hours EACH day you report to work.

    District Manager = Brigadier General
    Center Manager = Lieutenant Colonel
    On Road Supervisor = Second Lieutenant
    Driver = Gunnery Sergeant
    Preloader = Corporal
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    Welcome to the "SUCK"! Above post does a pretty accurate job of explaining chain of command. As far as camaraderie i feel that went out the door about 10yrs ago when alot of the blood and guts drivers/workers retired. New generation of drivers came in and its all about themselves! You will find small pockets of drivers who believe in the union and what it stands for etc. and watch out for other employees. Those are the guys you should get to know and ask advice as you progress. I also believe there are some very good people on this site that will help you along with any ?s or thoughts you have. Welcome aboard Marine...and Good Luck!
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    It is what it is. Cash the check, baby.
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    Semper Fi devil dog. Welcome aboard. I got on with UPS over 20 years ago right after I got out of the corps. It was a lot different back then and the drivers seemed to care more. Most of them retired but there's still a few old salts left. I was lucky to work alongside these guys. Made me appreciate my job a lot more. It's a great company with great pay and benefits. Just CYOA and just do your job the best you can. Your customers are the ones that will appreciate you, don't expect to hear much from management unless it's negative. Like to many back firsts or being over allowed. All they care about is their numbers. ##it rolls downhill here too. Most of us have family's and when we are done we leave and go home to them. We work late and most of us have kids we need to get home to. You will find some camaraderie here just give it time, kinda hard when we are all rushing to get out of the building and then rushing to get home. Good luck and semper Fi
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    This is a hard time of year to start. If you make it through the next 3 months you would be just fine at this place.

    As a seasonal you will be used and abused so don't freak out the work will get done. Just take it one stop at a time.
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    Husband served 4 years in the Navy. He's been a FT cover driver for almost 7 months now (working at UPS for 14 years), and I joke that I'm disappointed he doesn't have a brown BFF yet (you know, his Deacon!) but there just doesn't seem to even be time to really get to know people. They kind of just work you like a machine, it's all about the bottom line you know.
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    I've always said UPS was just like being in the military. Except it's alot less dangerous and pays a helluva lot better.
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    When I started, the hubs were all full-time. A friend of mine from high school served in the Marine Corp and started about the same time as me unloading trailers. He lasted last than 2 weeks. His statement to me was "the Marines don't treat you this bad", and he left, never to be seen again. Smart man. I somehow stuck it out for 30 years to the day, then retired. And I still worry about peak every xmas as I sit in my recliner relaxing.
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    Nope. Wasn't military. I was in the Air Force though.
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    UPS used to be a lot more like the military. Hardly any resemblance now.
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    Navy 91-95. You picked a good time to start driving. UPS is in a hiring frenzy. In my center no Part timers wanted to drive. We had a casual go full time after 2 months crazy.
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    Army 91-94
  14. saskat

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    Army '98-'06
    Currently a preloader. When I first started I said I'd rather fill sandbags for eight hours a day than preload.
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    As a Seasonal, I don't think you can join the Union unless it is different in your area. IF you are asked to stay on permanent, I think you have to get 90 days in before you join the Union. Seasonal work does not count towards your 90 days and it's 90 WORK days... Some think come April they completed their time - wrong - more like May... There really is no reason to join the Union and pay dues UNTIL you complete your 90 days... After that, I strongly suggest you join the Union.

    If you do a good job you MIGHT be asked to stay on permanent BUT... It might not be as a full time driver, could be wherever they have an opening. You COULD be placed in the unload (equal to being a private) throwing boxes out of a trailer part time for $9.50 a hour. From that point it could take five to ten years before you move up to a Driver position. It all depends on SENIORITY and how many retire, resign, move to a new position or get fired...

    Come in about 30 minutes before your report time and get to know your preloader, they can tell you about your load - any Haz Mats, bulk stops, Irregs, Blown out self, etc. Don't interfere with their working or expect them to be able to stop and chat. Your preloader is key to you having a good day - You don't want to be searching the 2000 shelf for a package to find out it is loaded on the floor. December 24th, give your preloader a $10 Subway Gift Card just to say thanks - You don't have to but it's nice...

    Get to know the drivers in the package cars next to you that your preloader loads... When you are loading three package cars - 5E can look like 5B... There is ALWAYS a chance you will have a misload that belongs to them. If you have their cell phone numbers you could meet them and hand off a package or just meet for lunch.

    Get to know your Union Steward... Go to a couple General Meetings at the Union hall, there should be one in November and December. The General Meeting are open to friends and family and most have a nice Christmas party with door prizes. Just because you are a seasonal non dues paying member doesn't mean you are unwelcome. They want you to be successful and join... You are protected by the Union and enjoy all the privileges under the UPS TEAMSTERS MASTER AGREEMENT... The Union Steward is also key to your success....
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    That says a lot about management when no part timers want to advance... Move up to driver and end up getting fired.
    On the other hand these part timers could have spouses with good jobs and enjoy the benefits they get from UPS. Part time job with full time benefits...
  17. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Cub Scout- 1970's.

    All you vets, thanks and we salute you!
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    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

  19. Future

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    Very True..... X Army here.....Its all because of the Entitlement Generation.....they cant keep the workers there with that kind of MGT directive....sad to say!
  20. Shifting Contents

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    Air Force, but I was in the military part of it. One of the ones that came with a beret. Long time ago though.

    UPS is nothing like the military. The military is structured, disciplined, honorable. You can trust a green LT as much as you can trust your BFF.

    Here at UPS you might get tight with a few loop mates but management will rarely have your back because they are too busy looking out for themselves. Every other driver just see you as a blur passing by after the PCM.

    I personally hang out with no one from work. I work with some really good guys and will burn a route to get to a brown brother that needs help on area but other that I keep my life and my work separate. You almost have to these days.

    Good luck getting rehired.

    That's not funny.