Any Help/Tips for Unloading Trailers?

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  1. Ok, just some background info first. I'm sure you can tell I'm new. I was hired and worked through peak since late October and now they are actually calling me to come in a couple times a week. I was a splitter and a loader for the most part and I managed to get by. Now I work the preload and I unload the trailers and I'm going to be honest, I'm struggling. I'm not that strong of a guy and Im 18 years old. Ive had another job and I really do have a strong work ethic.
    So as I was saying Im having a tough time with it physically and the other day my supervisor was up my ass because apparantly my best wasnt enough. Everyone tends to look in at me and give me a dirty look as if I mean to be doing a bad job. I really am trying my best but I just want to get better at it. I was hoping someone could give me any advice with this (seriously). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    Wish I had some advice. It is a physical job, and some are not able to do the work. We all have our gifts, and this just may not be one of yours. Your screen name pretty much says what your job entails......... Your young, figure out what you enjoy doing and pursue it as if your life depended on it.
  3. Well I'll admit I'm not that strong(as stated before), but I definitly feel like I can handle it once I get more used to it. I just wish I had some kind of technique or something to use...I suck haha.
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    Try keeping your eyes ahead of your work.
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    Sorry I can't help, Never did the unload.
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    Pick up package put on roller or extendo repeat untilled trailer is empty. Move to next trailer and start all over again.
  7. Guess I'll just keep doing what Im doing
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    It could very well be that your work is appreciated more than you realize. I say this because they ARE calling you in. Don't expect too many compliments at UPS. People will always be wanting to get more out of you. the sooner you realize this the may keep you from getting injured.
  9. Youre probably right, everytime they call I answer and just go in and try my best. Not many can say that from what I've heard.
  10. Inside the trailer, top down, middle out. One package on, on off, 1 package every 3 seconds. Grasp package @ opposite corners diagonally. Labels up or out, containerize all smalls. Use load stand too...piece of cake...remember, it's all going away from you. Good Luck and be safe.
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    Keep doing the best you can eventually if you are to slow they will move you some where else.
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    Don't worry. That's really all that is expected of you.
  13. Covemastah

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    Your best will NEVER be good enough for these people !!
    Remember,work using their methods as safe as possible.
    Your not racing the guy in a trailer next to you!
    tell them you are woking safe and giving 100 %
    Yoiur 100 % is not the same as the other guys 100%. we are all differant !!
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    I weigh a measly 150 lbs and have no problems as a loader. Join a gym, have some protein bars, you'll be alright
  15. YouKnowWhoIam

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    When you start,go fast...when you get tired,go faster...and when you are ready to pass out go as fast as humanly possible.
  16. nystripe96

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    You forgot "work safe" haha
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    I unloaded for a couple of years 20 years ago , it is physical , use gravity when the boxes are above yur waist , dont let the boxes free fall to the floor but dont hurt yourself while trying to maintain a steady flow. Who cares if the stupidvisors give dirty looks , give them dirty looks , it is a mutual feeling amongst hourlys and sups., you have t get past what they expect , and just give your best , and guess what when you get your seniorty , just do what you can , because your back and knees and rotator cuffs will be thanking you 20 years down the road , trust me .
  18. Brownslave688

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    Once you start working everyday it should get easier and your should get faster. In my experience if you can last 2-4 weeks you should be good to go. All the soreness works out and u will get better
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    Am I understanding correctly you don't work every day? That certainly doesn't help the conditioning. You're 18, and you struggle unloading, you should seriously consider working out. You'll be better off in the long run, UPS or not.

    I struggled when I started as an unloader, until one day they sent me to the other wall and the sup over there said 'They were going to fire you today. I want you to work for me.' By the end of that summer, 19 years ago, I was 20 lbs lighter and one of the best unloaders in the building.

    Don't think about trying to be fast, just think about closing the space between packages. If a wall starts to fall, get out of the way and let it fall. We used to call those 'self-unloading packages.' Keep in mind that some loads are harder to unload than others, so the same effort doesn't always yield the same results.
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    Get the extendo flush against the wall, pull wall down onto extendo and repeat for 3 hours.