Any new "basic" shippers from DHL?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pkgman001, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. pkgman001

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    DHL at Home dropped their service at the end of August. Is anyone seeing any "new" Basic shippers? UPS should be picking up some of their business! I have heard that Nordstroms was their biggest customer, Overstock was another
    Also, I think that Basic no longer has to be in the "smalls" sort, and Basic is now taking PO Box addresses
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would imagine the P.O. would love to have all pkgs come in w/P.O. Box addresses. Sort and put a card in the box.

    Another member posted in a different thread that he delivered a 74 lb Basic pkg to the P.O. I have never had a Basic that heavy but have had Shipper Release.
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    Post Office is supposed to be a maximum of 70 lbs and 108" length + girth, I have been told they will refuse them if they are too big or heavy.
    Another problem with PO delivery-customer can "refuse" the package after they get it. Then PO sends it back to shipper. So it shows "delivered" on UPS website when you track it with UPS 1Z tracking number, but "refused" on USPS website, when you track it with USPS Del Con tracking number. Just for a laugh sometime, write down both tracking numbers off a package, and track on both UPS and USPS! If PO doesn't get a final scan (they miss a lot of them), UPS tracking will show "out for delivery" even months later! Lost in the Black Hole.
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    My PO deliveries seem to be increasing, but my PUs have not. I know there are 3 PU's on my route that DHL services, but we have gone nowhere with them.

    On the flip side, Fedex is competing hard for DHL business. In one instance, they are loading a truck at the airport 70ish miles away to deliver to optical houses in order to beat our service. Those business are all delivered to as the 1st stops on their respective routes, but Fedex beats us by over an hour. These are places that recieve 200+ NDAs and ship out equal amounts.

    The competition is as fierce as ever. It is as important for us to be providing the best service possible and taking the extra step when needed.

  5. Coldworld

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    as far as im concerned, management needs a class in competing with fedex. Folks out on the front line could make valuable suggestions as to competition and this and that, we know what accounts want, nobody EVER pays attention or wants feedback on this subject. Why isnt more done?
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    I just heard a DHL driver that DHL gave some of their biggeset DHL @ Home shippers a 15 day reprieve (until Sept 15th) to find a new carrier, so maybe thats why we arent seeing many new "basic" packages yet-give it a few more days!!