Any News on Globalization Outsourcing?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by Hoaxster, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Monkey Butt

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    Have not heard anything since the memo came out a few months back. Any updates or even better, "rampant rumors"?
  2. pretzel_man

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    I still have friends back in IS.

    I understand that there is a list of targeted applications.

    I think the list is about 10% of the total.
  3. storm4

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    already underway
    10% is the directive for starting cuts - push out; no severance
    P's have 4 mos.; was 6 - time passes quickly
  4. upscorpis

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    This above information is bunk.

    Hoke, if you have a question about this, you know plenty of people that have the answer at work. Have you asked them?
  5. Monkey Butt

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    No ... that's not what I was interested in! :wink2:

    I like the way your clothes always are pressed and you look so neat but ..
    Try leaving the starch out of your underwear and you will not be so grouchy! :happy2:
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    Sorry, Hoke, I didn't mean to come off as "starched". I know plenty about this subject but my view is that these things are best discussed face to face. This is a very sensitive subject and flat words on a message board tend to lead to misinterpretation. JMHO...

    MIPMASTER New Member


    based on your name, you would appear to be in the know. I believe this initiative is being driven by DB and I hope he has done his homework. I believe a UPS application expert will always be needed for the final level of support especially for some of the older legacy apps. A lot of variables in this equaton: communication, ALM, SDM, user reps, help desk, end users.....the list goes on. However, the goal to reduce the $75 an hour per consultant down to a more reasonable level seems to make sense. The consolidation of consulting companies is a smart move to get this gain.

    If you earn your job everyday, you have nothing to fear!
  8. $75 an hour for a consultant is pretty cheap. I'd rather be a landscaper.

    Go UPS!
  9. upscorpis

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    Yes, MIPMASTER, there are lots of things to consider. All that said, other companies have had success with this sort of thing. Some have had struggles as well. As always, we are expected to succeed. I suspect there will be some hiccups along the way. There always are even when handing an application between UPS teams. The whole goal is to provide more to the business for the same cost. Your belief is correct. There are a number of others that are really expected to do the homework, however.
  10. Brown Frown

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    What are some of the applications that are being targeted? I've heard BOSS is on the list.
  11. AirTechSpec

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    We have one VB6 app that's being considered. Technically it's not a complex program. It displays flight info on big-screen lcds.

    However, there are possible problems for global sourcing:

    1. There are at least two business units as "customers" (Flt Ops and A/C Mx).
    2. It depends on non-standard hardware and OS setup (Up to 4 displays, auto-start, auto-login). One installation requires a closed-circuit TV setup because of distance from PC to monitors.
    3. Users want displays in ANC in addition to three existing in SDF.
    4. The app was originally developed by IE using contractors. Code quality is questionable.
    5. We don't have enough Business Analysts to take the time to understand the business need and get good requirements.
    6. It uses data from three different sources, managed by different teams.

    I think these kind of issues are going to be the big stumbling block for ALM and "global" work.
  12. I still love it! 40 years of IT and we still say things like 'start programming, we don't have time for analysis and requirements.'

    Gp UPS!
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    apparently we don't have time to get off applications that still run on token ring either. At least OS/2 got out the door last year....I think.
  14. Pump Up The Volume

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    Speaking of which how is yours going?
  15. TekGuy

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    Anybody have any updates on the BOSS group being included in the globalization? I have a few old friends that work in that group.
  16. Dfigtree

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    I have a few old friends, too. Very few. And, very old. Right Peacock?
  17. You probably have more than I do. BOSS to global outsourcing, now that's a good one. Are we still trying to make that thing work? Its the graveyard of careers.

    Go UPS!
  18. gimmeabreak

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    Accenture taking on some SCS IT support responsibilities...
  19. jehardrock

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