any one do there own maintenance on trucks?

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  1. ctsc87

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    hello i have started to do more and more of my own work on my trucks i have sprinter 2500 and p500 i have notice there are a lot places to be greased i just want to make sure im getting all of them does anyone have a list or know where i can find a list of all spots that are recommended to be greased.

    thanks for any help
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    I will not troll.
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    That's very good of you, Mr. Shifter.
  4. MrFedEx

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    I can think of one area that will need to be thoroughly greased if you want to be "one" with Fred. SOP at FedEx, no matter which division you work for.
  5. HomeDelivery

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    as a driver that can do proper maintenance on these vehicles, I'll offer my services to change the oil, brake lining, fluid changes... for a much lower cost than what any shop charges.

    I did a simple oil/ filter change on a standard cargo van for only $10 labor + costs of supplies. Internet resources are pretty much spot-on for the GMC / Ford vans.... and since the contractor was my regular boss at the time, he told me I'm allowed to bring it home. Heck, I clean the inside of the van anyways since I like to be neat.

    I also change out the wiper blades and any burnt bulbs at no charge; just the cost of the part since my contractor had treated me good in the past <shrugs>

    @ your terminal, pool some resources/network with other contractors... some have formed together for fleet maintenance/repair with a few outside companies at a substantial discount.

    Express should share some of their networks of service personnel that works on their vehicles to see who are interested in also working on Ground/ HD vehicles as well; only makes sense but this company can't even comprehend this suggestion

    as for your sprinter, lots of online forums for that

    The Unofficial Resource For Sprinter Van Enthusiasts

    that's a good site to research that vehicle; I remember the local mechanic had overfilled the crankcase because he was using older sprinter specs... I brought it to the attention of the contractor & told him that'll ruin the bearings if left that way! we drained some out, verified the level on the dipstick & moved on with our day.
  6. HomeDelivery

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    my bad: that's an older forum about sprinters...

    Sprinter - Sprinter-Forum

    this one is more active! roll up your sleeves & make sure you also write up your own work orders to fully take advantage on your tax deductions!
  7. bbsam

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    I used to do some of my own, but found there is too much for me to do with my limited vehicular knowledge. I have drivers running the trucks, so for their safety and the public at large, I leave preventative maintenance to professional mechanics.
  8. MrFedEx

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    Do you grease-up with 90 WT or do you use 10-40? I hear Fred likes 10-30.
  9. ctsc87

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    i am no certified mechanic but i am able to do a a lot of the stuff on my own. I am just curious of trying to find and list of all spots to grease i know of a handful im just trying to make sure i am getting them all like you said there are drivers driving them so its their safety plus every other driver on the road with my fleet of trucks.
  10. bbsam

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    I skip the grease, and let the blood do the lubing.
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    Ugh. I think it's our blood that's lubing Ground right now.
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    Hi MrFedEx, tried to PM u, MB full
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    Right. I didn't say who was pitching and who was catching.
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    We've been catching for a long time now.
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    And y'all squeal real purty with them nice lips too...
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    Yep. "Deliverance" is Uncle Fred's favorite movie.