Any other FT air drivers being forced to deliver ground routes?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Air Gordon, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Ed O'Ryan

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    Jan. 10th I started my bid job at my regular 7am start time. About 9am a Sup approached me and said, he had a driver call in sick and asked if I'd like to do a route. I said No, I'd like to do my bid job. He turned and walked away. He then asked the 4 part-time air drivers if they wanted the route. They all said no. After a few minutes passed, he returned to tell me that I "have" to do the route. I worked as directed, did the route and punched out 11.5 hours later.

    Does this happen in other centers? Just curious.
  2. Brownslave688

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    I have no idea other than work as directed and then file. You should be paid top rate. That I do know.
  3. PT Car Washer

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    In my center we would split the route up with 22.3s air drivers and PT air drivers or any combination to get the work done. Happens all the time.
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    Thanks for the reply. This has happened before, and they do pay me the top rate.

    As stated in article 40, section 1 a(7) Air drivers may, on an exception basis, be used to make service onpackages which are not air packages. An exception package is intended to be when an Air driver is making a pickup after the regular driver has been at the customer's premises and the customer has an exception ground package(s) for shipment, the Air driver may make service on these packages. Air driver may continue to pickup ARS packages but the features of this service will not be expanded.

    Any Violation of section 1 a(7) shall obligate the employer to pay the Air driver involved the difference between his/her rate of pay and the top ground driver rate of pay excisting at that building. Grievances concerning violation or abuse of this shall be refer directly to the Naional Air Commitee.

    My big question is what determines "abuse".
  5. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I realize u like your bid job and would prefer to continue to do it. However most would be happy to be paid more to do virtually the same job.
  6. Ed O'Ryan

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    Yes, I actually like the extra money. But on this day, I needed to be done at my regular time. Also, I feel my seniority means nothing. I've been FT since 1999 and I took a back seat to 4 part-timers. Not to mention the bottom Cover driver. I was forced because I'm full-time. It is what it is, I guess.
    FYI the route started with a bulk truck of 537 packages for 1 stop. Then, 135 more stops in a second car.
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    Not quite the same job.
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    Exception means what it says. This should be the rare case not the norm. If staffing shortfalls caused this "exception" yourself or your steward should grieve. If the "exception" ocurred because of legitimate unexpected reasons, (lots of absences, snow storms, etc) the grievance will fail.
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    Not sure if you need to file a grievance, unless they don't pay you the fulltime driver top rate. Comply and grieve! Does your Local have a position on them being able to force a 22.3 fulltime employee to do a full route? The language you posted is only addressing the air driver at a location needing to take a ground that came after the regular driver left and them being required to pay the full rate for those instances. I don't see how it addresses them forcing you to do a route.
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    Good point. Thanks.
  11. Ed O'Ryan

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    Thanks for the reply. It's the only language I could find regarding "ground" packages in article 40 and article 40 trumps everything else. I'll keep looking.
  12. Ed O'Ryan

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    good point thank you:wink2:
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    Wait until your paycheck comes, if they paid you ground rate for all time and you are the senior air driver you don't have a grievence. If they paid you your regular rate then yes grieve it. As far as not wanting to work later, thats a beef but not a grievence.
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    Nope but I do work in a strong local with a kick ass ba and a president with clout.