any positive management experiences???

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    So much negativity about mgt...mostly self afflicted, but has anyone ever had a manager or supervisor truly do something good. It could be anything from a simple act of kindness to donating a kidney. Lets ring it from the mountaintop all of the kind and gentle acts...lets see mgt from a new light....(sigh).:angel:
  2. toonertoo

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    Ive had many good sups and managers.
    I dont know of any of them donating a kidney.
    I have had ones who gave of themselves and brought humanity into UPs.
    One retired today, one got fired during the 97 strike.
    Other than that, Ive had several who were fine, just not extraordinare.
  3. RockyRogue

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    I had a full-timer in Illinois that was just incredible. I'd been with the Company for less than two weeks when I lost my keys in an outbound load. He called the destination center, alerting them to be on the lookout for it AND found me a ride home. You might expect the former but the latter was above and beyond IMO. The guy he found to give me a ride home became my supervisor about 6 weeks later and eventually a friend. The last friend I saw before departure for Denver was that p/t supe. He left UPS over a year ago. Then...the sort manager at that hub was a really classy guy. I was working more hours than my full-timer was happy about paying for. The full-timer told me NOT to follow the sort manager's orders AND not to help ANY area out without HIS direct approval. He screamed all this at me, by the way. I shrugged indifferently and said, "There's a reason you're the boss." Two days later, I was helping another area WITH his OK and full-time supe asked for my help. I refused, telling him, "I can't without X's approval." That supe's eyes popped WIDE open and he said, "F***K that!! HELP ME OUT!!" I hedged and he made a 'one second' gesture, trying to get a hold of the supe. He couldn't. He called the sort manager, requested five minutes before he left and said, "Help me out. I'LL take care of the boss!" I shrugged and helped him, making another hour and a half of overtime. The next day, I was waiting for the sort to start and the guy I'd helped the night before walked by. I asked, "Should I be prepared for a screaming tonight?" He shook his head and said, "No. You can help me ANYTIME." That same day, I was sorting and the full-time supe came up and taughtly told me, "From this point forward, if you want more time, ask me and I'll call the outbounds. I don't want you wandering the hub." About a week later, I was doing my usual work when the sort manager asked for help for a couple minutes. I told him, "X told me NOT to follow your orders. How do you want to handle this? Do you want to call my steward?" The guy's face went PURPLE and he SCREAMED into his radio for his subordinate. He tore this supe APART! Never another problem. I had a couple good ones here in Colorado. One went to the Midnight, another was just an all-around classy guy I doubled for a couple times and one full-timer I worked for on my sort. The Friday before this past Labor Day, we had a LOT of call-ins. I was unloading and I kept getting shut off. Frustrating as you can imagine. Eventually, I lost my cool and came out of my trailer, LIVID and SCREAMING at the aisle. I paused to catch my breath and looked down to see a smiling sort manager. I thought I was in trouble. He grabbed his radio mic and said, "All supes, automatic warning letters to ALL call-ins and no-shows. Acknowledge, one by one. X, you start first." Incredulous, I listened to about a half-dozen before he said, "Hey, my man, how about we pull some of these irregs out?" I hopped back into my trailer, PILED the irregs on the conveyor and he pulled 'em off, leaving his receiver such that I could hear every acknowledgement. I liked that guy! :w00t: -Rocky
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    My PT sups are all pretty awesome actually. They joke around a lot, sometimes talking smack over the radios and forwarding people amusing text/picture messages. They pretty much stay out of our hair and we stay out of theirs haha.
  5. Our Part time sups buy us McDonalds breakfast sandwichs and drinks all the time.
  6. sendagain

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    I always liked the sups and managers that wouldn't ding you with an accident report if you happened to brush a car up against a tree limb. I did in fact know one manager who made a guy's backing accident go away; she did him a favor but not other drivers. I only know this because the person got a big time driving award a few years after he had told me all about this backing accident.
  7. Brown Dog

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    I've had several decent supes and managers that were up front and honest- they're in the minority though. It's always refreshing when mgt is honest even if the honesty is telling me "Today you're going to get screwed because we don't have enough people" Tht's fine, Thanx for the honesty. Too many it seems are trying to work their way up the corporate ladder and think they know everything and treat us like a herd of cattle to the slaughter. Maybe 10 out of 150 I would consider honest, sorry, best I can do
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    We had a great center sup last summer but she could not take the companys beatings. she quit! Also had a fantastic center manager but he was asked to leave after 26 yrs. Upper management donates butt whoopings over
    stops per hour. I dont think they donate kidneys they just like to slug you there. :)
  9. Brown Dog

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    Gotta hate those shots to the kidneys:ohmy:
  10. wornoutupser

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    One outstanding center manager comes to mind.

    My oldest child was in the hospital for the first six weeks after his birth. I received a message at a pickup to call in.

    My manager was on the line to tell me that my baby was going home a day early (My wife had called-before cell phones)

    He was willing to come finish my run and let me go if I would not file a greivance......

    I was out of there like a bullet and from then on the was almost nothing that I would do for him in return.

    This same center manager was one of the few in the old days that had the guts to go to the hub, lock our trailer with a center seal and had it pull on time to head back. At this point, the old Jacksonville hub was pulling us almost two hours late every day. He was demoted for this but it was one of the few days that our preload was actually wrapped on time.

    Of course, he is gone. Gone are the days that UPS wants management with the guts to do what is right, either with the employee or the operation.
  11. spitt2000

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    I had a manager that tried to talk me outta going into supervision...I did'nt know how cool he was at the time... LOL
  12. DS

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    When I first started at ups as a driver,my mom was sick in the hospital.
    The sup that trained me was hard core go go go but he he let me off and didn't make me go back out when I came back with a missed pkg.
    I had to go visit my mom every night and visiting hours ended at 9pm.
    I finally ran scratch and they let me in the union.
    When my mom died he and another sup drove a long way to come to the funeral.I never asked them to.I was not really sure at the time that I wanted them there.But looking back they were just good people.
    That sup was promoted and fired for some reason,and currently is a sup for the post office.
  13. RockyRogue

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    I've heard of those supes, DS. And not just those that work for UPS. Some years ago, a middle-aged guy told me that a supervisor flew with him cross country, attended his mother's funeral and helped pack up her stuff. He didn't ask for a penny in return. He even paid his own airfare. I still really think there are decent management in corporate America. Unfortunately, most hide under a rock :sad:. -Rocky
  14. local804

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    Just like any management, you will have your good and your bad apples in all.
  15. rushfan

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    I've had many good management experiences. Unfortunately, the good ones get transfered, get fired, or go on mandatory retirement due to heart problems.
  16. toonertoo

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    I experienced the same, although before Ive experienced the opposite. I took FMLA just because I knew a manager I trusted, could be moved on a whim. Yes they are required by law, but its nice to know when you go through a incident within your family, that someone tries to make things easier for you. He told me "I would never increase your stress when you have enough stress" . He was true to his word, and I appreciated it immensely.
  17. Ibt804Hammer

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    FT package car supervisor pushes employee into metal poll last week and manages to keep his job and get transfered to another building.
    Dont think Jake will be on this board!
  18. sendagain

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    There must not be any yellow paint on the employee, so they can let him slide.
  19. browned_out

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    I think its ironic how the good ones don't stay long enough, and the bad ones hang around forever.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    We used to have a p/t sup that had major tata's. It was hard to talking to her without gazing at her breasts. Now thats a positive experience!