Any PTSups notice a shortage in this weeks' paycheck?

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    Are any OMS or PTSups that worked over your allotted 27.5 hours (oh, but make sure you work 39.98 or less the week of Christmas!!!) noticing a 5.5 hour shortage from Christmas? Were you told you would be allowed another day off later? Better question, would you rather have another day off or would you rather have your overtime?

    Guess what? If you're an OMS that worked more than 27.5 hours last week or even this week, you're not getting paid for the holiday. Because we're salaried at an hourly rate. So they're kind enough to give us an extra day off that we'll be given grief for wanting to take.

    I'll give you a lovely example. I worked 21 hours this week in three days. With me so far? We will get our weekly guarantee of 27.5 hours. But we won't get paid any overtime we worked. So with that... They're kind enough to give me my 6.5 hours so I'm making my guaranteed, but I'm loosing out on the days I worked over my allowed 5.5. This way my paycheck now will read 27.5 flat instead of 27.5 + 4.5 hours of overtime.

    I've been sitting on this for three weeks because I've been fighting with my region's finance department over a similar problem regarding Thanksgiving Holiday Make Ups. I came back from a surgery and worked 29 hours in a 4 day time (Wednesday through Saturday) frame, took my "two holiday make up days" on Monday and Tuesday and was shorted eleven hours because I presumed that we would get paid for those days... The rest of my PTSups didn't figure it out until this week. It basically fills it in like you took sick days. You know how if you need to work over time on a week you took a sick day, the overtime you work automatically fills into that sick day so you get your guarantee and you don't get paid for that overtime. There's NO incentive whatsoever to working overtime during the weeks that there are holidays or ever really.

    Fantastic job corporate; way to screw the backbones of your offices. I want my damn money, I don't want an extra day off. They were super sneaky about the way they reformatted our pay last year. Taking us off of "Salary" and making us "Hourly". Salaried Management when they want us to be and Hourly Management when they want us to be. Look at your pay stubs from last year, we were salaried... Now we have an hourly pay rate. :angry-very2:

    Sorry for the diatribe on my first post. :happy2:
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    Burger King is hiring. If you do not like it leave. Before PTRS, many PT Supervisors worked more than the salary hours and did not get compensated. It is called dedication.
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    Trust me, I've DEDICATED more than my fair share of overtime and not gotten paid for it, even with PTRS and that doesn't bother me. It's more difficult to see at the end of the year when you know you've been busting your hump to make everything as smooth as possible during the most difficult time of year and not be appreciated for it.

    For the record, I'm typically extremely happy with my pay. I love my drivers, I love my job and I love my management team. I've worked too long and too hard to get my position now.
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    Dear SouthCal,

    This may not be a corporate decision, corporate is often unaware and disconnected from the management practices at the district level. I am not saying this is the case, but it is possible.

    Anytime there is a pay misunderstanding it is a serious problem because it ultimately effects the main reason to be employed by UPS. If this misunderstaning is not addressed it could be the seed that sprouts bitterness in your heart towards UPS that could effect your work life negatively now and in the future. These types of misunderstandings left unaddressed have done this to many a very unhappy UPS employee, hourly and management.

    Don't let this happen to you!

    What I would do:

    1. I would keep this concern to myself for the time being because it could be a center, district or region decision and not a corporate decision. I would do this so I can remain anonymous while I address the issue. I have found that if you give your name when trying to address a concern the corporate "damage control" mentality kicks in and the focus is placed on the person making the concern and not on the issue. I like to stick to the issue.

    2. I would review the current UPS Policy book paying particular attention to the Our People section. I would review the entire section but I would pay particular attention to page 17 and to pages 20-21.

    3. I would make a personal decision as to whether this is a concern I really want answers for or can I let it go peacefully.

    4. If I could let it go peacefully then I would. When I let go of something I no longer allow myself the right to think or talk about it in any manner. I just accept it.

    5. If I can't let it go and I still feel that this situation is wrong and unjust and if by not addressing it that I am going to be adversely effected, then I would call the UPS Help-Line and anonymously report the situation in detail with specific questions that could lead to either the correction of the problem or at least an understanding as to who made the decision and why the decision was made to best serve UPS as a whole.

    I am not suggesting that you should do this, I am just sharing what I would do.

    Any questions about this feel free to PM me.


  5. Integrity

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    Dear brownone,

    This "like it or leave" statement does not represent dedication to the Policys set forth by the founders and leaders of UPS. The Policys regarding how people are to be treated can be found in the current UPS Policy Book in the Policy Group 1 Our People section.


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    Excellent posts, Integrity.

    I look forward to responses from other p/t sups. We'll know if this is company wide, or just at the OPs district.
  7. Tired Driver

    Tired Driver Sisyphus had it easy.

    Was a p/t sup for 2 1/2 years starting in 1989. Averaged 45 hours a week for 25 hours base salary pay. Was never compensated. 200 to 300 miles on pesonal car taking misloads and left in building to drivers. Had thoughts of going to full time sup. Became a driver and will retire as one.
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    While I am not a PTsup I do know several and they have had the same "we`ll let you take an extra personal day" routine told to them instead of paying them ot here at our facility.
  9. Integrity

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    Dear BoyScout,

    Not being compensated for this type of expense is a clear violation of UPS Policy. Information on this type of situation can be found in the section regarding employees incurring expenses on behalf of UPS. This can be found in the current UPS Policy book on page 26 of the OUR PEOPLE section. (The UPS Policy Book is currently being revised and to my knowledge the revision is not complete yet)


  10. RFDUpsSup

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    The reason is that this year, they moved our Holidays from giving us hours (last year a Holiday was worth 5.5 hours against your 27.5) which meant that if you worked 27 hours Christmas week (over the 3 days of that week) you would get 32.5 because of Christmas. This year, however, the "Holiday - No Work" code merely gives you a reason for not having "Pay Actual" as your code.

    I got an extra D-Day next year, and you get overtime for anything over 8 (150%).

    This really screwed over Double-Shifting night PT Sups who worked 8+ hour days the 3 days of Thanksgiving Week and Christmas Week because we didn't go over our 27.5 thanks to the new holiday coding.

    Personally, I think that if you are one of the PT Sups who work your 27.5+ every week of the year, you're getting the short end.

    However, if you're like almost every Night Side PT Sup in my building, you're only working 23-25 hours a week average over the course of the year but you're still getting paid for 27.5. So say you average 24 hours a week for 50 weeks of the year, you're getting paid for 150 hours that you aren't there. I think that more than balances out the 8-12 hours extra I worked this year for Christmas week and didn't get paid extra for.
  11. SouthCal

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    I'm one of the ones getting screwed. I always put in my 27.5 or better and I very rarely take time off and don't call in sick. I had 2 years without calling in sick and I did only because I was in a car accident that wasn't even my fault.


    Thank you for your post. I will certainly keep that in mind. I really do believe it was a corporate decision due to the way they changed our pay last year, I probably still have the folder all the information came in. I know what you're thinking, does it say anything in it regarding the holidays? No, I looked at it earlier this year around the 4th of July, because even though it was a Saturday, we still didn't get paid for that one, nor did we get our "extra" day off.
  12. I'll let you know, I can't currently get to my UPSers account, but my bank statement reflects the correct amount of hours/pay so least I think. However, I can't comment until I can see how UPS paid me on the paycheck viewer. Stupid site made me change my password a couple months ago and I forgot what it was and I got locked out (DOH!).

    Someone from my building did mention something was screwy about the way they were paid on thanksgiving to me last week though, but other than that I haven't heard anything. I didn't hear anything about an extra d-day or anything either.
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    So, let's see, when the original poster brings up this issue, you tell him to essentially quit and go work for Burger King. Just below in bold face black, are two posts of yours where you complain about Scott Davis and where you complain about a paycut , in essence. Looking at your 21 posts, you complain about corporate quite a bit, and Scott Davis in particular.In other posts, you have recommended McDonalds (or to take another job offer) as a career for workers disenchanted with UPS.

    Given your documented discontent with corporate and your complaining in general, maybe you should take a slice of your own advice and pursue a managerial career with McDonalds, Burger King, etc.

    Jim Casey turns over in his grave when he looks at the way ******** Scott Davis runs the company. Davis has no clue what partnership is and never will. He is typical accounting nerd and is all about Scott. FEDEX shares continue to move up and ours stay stagnent. It is time for a real CEO.

    Pretzel, I have no doubt you could come back and run an operation. The problem is that the decisions being made by the coporate office are affecting the partnership legacy that has been the back bone of UPS. In general there is a lack of trust that the board cares what happens to the management team. I love this company and bleed brown, but at some point they need to stop taking from the management team. I undesrtand we must change, but even the latest benefit change shows the tide continues to shift toward taking care of the union memebers and sticking it to the managment team. I have no problem paying for a part of my benefits and have always sold it to my people, but the latest increase is ridiculous. The increase is nothing short of an additional pay cut, based on the lack of raises this year. I actually had an HR person tell me that I should consider using my wife's benefits, instead of questioning the changes. Sad part is my wife is a stay at home mom, but even if she was not is that the message we want to send to our management team? Bottom lines is coporate has lost touch with the management team in the centers and hub. I would say again if we need to cut true cost we need to force poeple out who are sitting on the bench with no true job. Offer them a job in operations and if they refuse, send them to the street. While this may seem harsh, in this economy it is what really needs to be done.
  14. feederdriver06

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    I know of several employees that have had their holiday hours stolen from them due to corporate greed. This is a company wide issue not local to Southcal. Its been going on for about a year since the employees were made hourly. Its being dealt with. Thats all I will say to protect the innocent.
  15. Tired Driver

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    Integrity, ( love the user name ) Still have the policy book and the one about the founder. Both are great reads if only they could be used in the real world. My being shafted by my center manager ( a preacher) happen so long ago it is not worth doing anything about it. God will deliver the justice he deservers. I am just tring to make 30 years while doing the best job I can.
  16. Integrity

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    Dear Boy Scout,

    It is UPS Policy that no one can disregard UPS policies even if they don't agree with them. It also holds the managers and sups to the setting the example in this area.

    Every UPS employee has a right to expect this.


  17. grgrcr88

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    Sounds like you need a Union. OOPS!!!:devil3:
  18. Tired Driver

    Tired Driver Sisyphus had it easy.

    Expecting and waiting for it to happen are two different things. Because it is in print does not mean it will happen. Take the contract for example. If both sides would follow the language, the job would not be as hard for either side.
  19. Integrity

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    Dear BoyScout,

    I don't support expecting and waiting.

    I do support expecting and acting on this expectations.

    Every employee who in "good faith" only wants to try to do their part to make UPS a better place to work has a right and an obligation to report failures to follow UPS policy. This goes for management employees as well as hourly employees. I know of several division management level people whose actions deserve to be reported, if what I hear about how they treat some of their center managers is true.

    If the individuals motivation is revenge or is motivated from hatred or bitterness then we will all lose.

    I do not agree with acting if this is what is motivating the individual to act.

    What I would do is make an anonymous call to the 1-800 #. I believe it is called the UPS Help Line. The reason for the anonymous call is I have found that if a name is given then the focus is placed on the person and not the issue at hand. There is much less chance of issues stalling in the corporate bureacracy that exists at UPS if we stick with the principles behind the issues and not the personalities of those bringing forth valid concerns.


  20. UPSer21

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    You can fight this all you want, but you will not win. You are in a management position which means you are paid salary. We are guaranteed 27.5 hours per week. That is your guarantee. Not 5.5 hours per day. People generally believe that as part time supervisors we must be guaranteed 5.5 hours per day since it takes at least that much to reach our guaranteed 27.5 (on a normal work week.) This is not the case.

    You are confusing our pay system with that of the part time hourlies. A part time hourly receives OT for any given day in which they work over 5 hours. However, since we are not hourly, it does not even make sense to receive OT per day. We will get compensated for anything worked over our weekly 27.5.

    Hope this helps!