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  1. Azrjn4864

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    Does anyone know how to get out of having to wait a year before being able to go back to intergrad driving school? I am at a small center and no one else is wanting to go to school, I went a fews weeks ago and failed integration station. I am wanting to go back asap. My sup is trying to get me back in a quickly as possible, but he hasn't gotten the ok yet... I was hoping since no one else from my center is wanting to go and the fact that they are needing a cover-driver that I would be able to go back without waiting a year, but it's not looking good.... I was wondering if anyone knew something I could do to maybe change their mind and let me go back sooner... Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. helenofcalifornia

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    What did you fail at intergration? And I am assuming this is new driver training, right? Geez, why can't they just call it driver training?
  3. menotyou

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    Unless they are willing to change the rules, which they do at a whim, you are s.o.l.
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    Tell them you will do better this time. This should work!!
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    Sorry to hear this. They overcomplicate a Delivery/pickup job. They put u threw this cause we r pushed hard into production and they know it causes us to b a high risk driver cause of their "PRODUCTION METHODES"

    Compinsate aggresive over production with schooling and paprework to keep the blam off them if the crap ever does hit the fan on road with 1 of us drivers. Thats the truth!!!

    Be at peace for another year and call this a learning experience.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What the OP may not realize is that his center is not the only one in his district that sends drivers to Integrad. He had his chance and will simply have to wait his turn.
  7. Azrjn4864

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    Yeah, it's the new school... I was toldni failed to honk my horn 3 diff times... I was told I scored an 84.. I needed an 85 to pass! I am wanting to go back asap...
  8. over9five

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    Tell them you have Over9five's personal recommendation to return to Intergrad post haste.

    They know who I am, they'll listen.
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    You didn't loses 16 points for not honking your horn 3 times there has to be more to the story.

    Since you didn't make it the next guy in line that signed the list in your area get his turn. You either signed a bid or signed sheet to become a driver. Either way the person next in the seniority list that sign the bid get there chance to go to school. That is the way it is your in the union. The company wasted a lot of money sending you to school. Next year if they need more drivers you will get another chance if you still meet all the qualification.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    Ok since over vouched for you I'm on board too. Drop the name anonymous.


    What alot of you guys dont realize and I mean that in no way shape or form in a smart way. Is this OP made it to the second to last day before they decide to send him home. I went to integrad and honestly I hated it. They want to say oh you will be much better prepared for the job. Really?!?!?!? Sitting in a class room jumping from station to station computer modules hardly gets you ready for this job period! I think there are some good points about it but honestly over all it was just another tactic of UPS to keep the blame whenever something comes up on the driver. OH WELL YOU WENT TO INTEGRAD DIDNT YOU? OH YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO DO THIS HAVENT YOU? Im sorry but learning everything a driver does you arent gonna be able to sum up into 5 days. To the OP that sucks that you got an 84 on integration station thats a big bummer. The guy that responded and said he thought it had to be more than 3 honks? I dont know man there was a gal there when I went and she did everything right, but she ran over a yellow line symbolizing a curb, and they automatically failed her. Do I really think that merits failing someone after putting in a week of training to get sent home over a fake curb? To me thats ridiculous. Its not like drivers dont run over curbs on a daily basis out in the "real world." Oh by the way I did pass integrad so I dont dislike it cause I failed lol just thought Id throw that out there.
  12. uber

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    No, but it gives them a reason to not let her go through with it if they dont think she's cut out for it. I know a small petite girl, really tiny, like sub- 5'0" with 12 years of seniority who has gone driving and not made the 30 days like 3 times now. They're looking for a reason to not let her become a driver while getting her to train at low pay for 30 days. Its weak.
  13. Azrjn4864

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    Ok, thanks
  14. Azrjn4864

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    I would sit back and wait for my year to be up, but at my center there is NO ONE else wanting to go to driving!! As for More to the story"... I was told that I failed to honk my horn... That's all that I was told... One of the other teachers at the school actually called my boss and was saying wow, I hate it that she had to leave on account of the horn... Send her back as soon as she is allowed and she'll be fine... I actually found out today some info that may help me get back sooner... as far as the school itself, it's insane, I learned a lot but I agree with hulkamania, there is way too much time spent behind a computer.. Not enough truck time... I can't wait to go back and complete it....
  15. HomeDelivery

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    is this the same training that peak temp drivers go through as well?
  16. 9611461

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    Dam! what happened? did she go during her 30 days and get disqualified, wait a year got disqualified again, wait a year than get disqualified again, what happened?
  17. superballs63

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    It would certainly seem like that is exactly what happened
  18. Azrjn4864

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    No.. I work as a preloader... I took have not been dq'd for anything before.
    I took all the tests and did my drivers test here at my center before I left...
    I passed everything with the exectpion of what I said about integration station
    at school... That's the only time ive been dq'd for anything.
  19. menotyou

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    I took my first road test when we still needed a CDL-C. I was dq'd for rubbing a telephone pole. The year went quick. Don't worry. They will send you again. Good luck to you.
  20. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Maybe I should have said I rubbed up on the telephone pole. I think Up-yours would have liked that story better.