Any VW Bus Fans Out There?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by anonymous6, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I always wanted a vw bus. my cousin had one that I liked driving because it felt like driving a cab over truck because you were right up against the windshield.

    im looking at a 1973 pop up camper vw today and was wondering what I should look for and ask. it looks good in the pictures and the seller says it has a lot of new parts but the interior has been gutted for some reason.

    I like the 1973 because I wont have to smog it in the great state of California. they are asking 4500. that sounds a little high to me but it is worth looking at if the motor/tranny has been rebuilt or depends on the new parts.

  2. cachsux

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    Other than the standard "buy as rust free and complete as you can afford".

    There's a guy out by me that has a lot of VWs. My nephew in Cali is big into them too. The old ones are fairly easy to work on I guess but like lots of older stuff are getting more and more $$$ as they go.
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    thanks. I know this one is air cooled and not water cooled. I checked ads throughout the US for same vehicle and got prices ranging from 1500-6000.

    I know basics like rust, tires, clutch and all that with buying used. I was just wondering if there were any vw bus experts out there in BC land who could give me some advice on this particular year.
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    My BIL is into early VW buses has a 64 T1 Panel, 63 23 window and his latest a crew cab pickup in his garage.My sister had a 63 Bus as a daily driver in the summer months until last fall when she sold it for a Mini Cooper. As long as it's carbureted it'll be easy to work on, same rule goes for Harley's.
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    My 67ImageUploadedByBrownCafe1391373147.114255.jpg
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    cool in more ways than one. what kind of mileage do you get?
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    didn't get to see it because the guy wanted to take his daughter skiing.
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    Hey Orange,

    I was a military brat. My Dad bought this new in 1967 when we were stationed in Pearl Harbor HI. Only put 12k miles on it there from 67-70. We were then transferred to England and shipped " the bus" with us. Because of the great public transportation system in England we only put 8k miles on it in the 5 yrs we were there! So we had it for 8 yrs and it had only 20k miles on it. Returned to the states in 75 and I learned to drive and took my driving test in it! My family was then shipped to CA in 1979 and my Dad gave me the bus to keep because I had just started at UPS and decided to stay on the East coast.

    I kept "the bus" until 1985 and then sold it to a hippy that drove from Northern Pa. to my place in Md. Sold it for $800 and it only had 42k miles on it ! Had some great times in that Bus. My girlfriends over those years would wrap up in blankets to keep warm in the winter because the heater sucked! Took it many times up through the mountains in PA with my buddies to go whitewater rafting. With8 guys and a raft loaded in the bus, tractor trailers would whizz by us as we crept up those mountain rodes.

    All that being said it was probably the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Started up every time I needed it to and the upkeep was minimal. I believe I got around 22 mpg. Sorry for the long reply but "the bus" always stirs up great memories for me! Cheers
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    If you want to cry look up what a good one is worth today.
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    No thanks I had the dry heaves for a week when I found out what my 1970 El Camino would be worth today!
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  12. stealth8

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    The best of both worlds!
  13. rod

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    I know that feeling well. I sold my 56 Chevy 2 door post with a 325 hp 327 and Muncie 4 speed for $300 bucks when I got out of the service in 1970. I also traded my 57 Chevy panel truck that had absolutely nothing wrong with it for a set of tires for my stupid Ford pick-up.
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    I miss my bus and probably the best vehicle I've had for driving in the Atlanta snow/ice we get.
    I full a full size bed in it with camping supplies.
    Sleep in it after the preload on campus until classes started.
    It was easy to work on which is good since it was good for a weekend of work every couple of months.
    Sky blue oxidized paint with a white top.
    Wish I had it now.
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    Warning: Slightly off-topic

    Learned to drive in a 1960 Beetle (36 HP ). This thing was basic; manual choke, no fuel gauge. In the absence of a fuel gauge was the emergency tank operated by flipping a lever mounted on the "firewall" with your right foot. You would drive around carefree until the engine begin to sputter then flip the lever and make a mental note to fill-up
    soon. This car did have a factory installed Blaupunkt radio (probably an expensive option at the time). Also had the Wolfsburg crest below the hood/trunk handle. Lots of good memories............