Any way to get back into UPS if you've quit in the past?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DriverHelper84, Mar 6, 2011.

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    I worked as a 2nd shift loader back in the Fall of 2008. I wasn't able to stay because it began conflicting with my full-time permanent day job. I called in one night to tell them, and they told me they were taking it as quitting. Anytime I try to apply for being a handler again on the UPS website, it tells me "due to you being a previous UPS employee you are not eligible for rehire," whenever I submit an application. Does this mean I'm banned for life from UPS, or should I go in person to Human Resources and explain my situation? When I used to go to HR in the past, they would just tell me to sit down at the computer and fill out the application online, which is going to give me the same error message. I live in South Jersey, very close to the Lawnside, NJ and Philadelphia, PA(Oregon Ave) hubs and would like to work for them again, as I'm looking for side money to supplement my full-time day job. I enjoyed the physicality of the job and the "work-out" feel, just don't know if I'm banned forever or not.
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    I have never heard of anyone being able to come back. When you leave they usually close your file "unhireable". Would need to check with HR.
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    We had a driver who quit in one state and got a job as a driver off the street this was the expectation .One thing he had going of him the center manager form his last job called on his behalf and give a positive work history.
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    Sounds like you had an issue with peak hours. You would run into the same problem every Christmas.
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    If you had no issues with them,I don't see why they won't take you back. I left in good terms in 1987,then got re/hired in 1989 and have been here since then !!
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    It depends on how you left your job.

    If you give a 30 day notice, and have been a decent employee, they do not prohibit you from being rehired in the future. That is the proper way of leaving a job without leaving hard feelings, and it allows a company to find and train someone to replace you.

    But if you call in right before your shift, and tell them you quit, that is a totally different situation.
    That puts your employer at a disadvantage, and leaves them scrambling for bodies. And if you quit once like that, more than likely, you will do it again. Not something UPS wants to deal with.

    It sounds like you did the second. So yes, you are banned from having another chance at UPS. You shot yourself in the foot by your actions, regardless of the reasons. No matter what you say now, your track record is still there.

    That is basically what tie said, but I tried to explain why.

    Do you really think anything has changed? At the first sign of a conflict, you would call in again. So why listen to, or even give you a second chance?

    Good luck

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    I would try during the holiday as a seasonal and show what you got. If they hire convicted criminals, you should be golden.
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    It appears you got put on the no rehire list. You could contact the HR rep and find out if there is any possibility of getting rehired but you have better luck looking for job with another company. The problem is that you left once what is to say your not going to leave again.
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    When you talk to them tell them you are a friend of a friend who's cousins brother dated a guy who's mom baby sat Scott Davis when he was 4. Your a lock now
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  11. Covemastah

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    Tell them you will skip lunch every day and never question their orders & you hate sick days ,vacations ,you have no family & live in moms basement with walls plastered with UPS proaganda !!! They will love ya !!!!!!!
  12. bbsam

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    Could just offer to do 'em out by the dumpster. That way they wouldn't have to confirm your story.
  13. UPSER110

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    I resigned after I graduated college after working for about a year. Put my 2 weeks notice in and moved to another state with a few friends hoping to find that dream job with my degree. Well that was a joke, and ended up moving back home. Peak was approaching so I called one of my managers he put me on the fast track to getting back in and I started a few days later as a seasonal. After peak he said that was it but would call me as soon as they had a spot. About 3 days later I got re-hired. All of my work during peak got counted towards seniority because I was called back within that certain amount of time. Now I have about a year and 3 months in and I only lost 3 spots on the seniority list so it wasn't too bad.
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    I know of one guy who left, after 10 years he came back. He knew the manager and he gave him a job again, we needed drivers very badly. and believe it or not he got his old route back in 4 years.

    I hope it works out for you. goodluck
  15. The Blackadder

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    It depends on how you leave. We have a driver who as a preloader left UPS and then cameback later. But when he left he gave them notice and the reason why, even told them he liked UPS and wished he could stay. When he came back about 1 plus year later he got in no problem.
    I really think it has more to do with just quiting without notice, plus it depends on what type of worker you are to start with.
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    it takes 5-10 years before a company will rehire someone that quit. "banned for life?" LOL. if that was true don't you think people would be a "little" :censored2: that some states ban companies from checking out a felony/criminal record? "oh so long as the criminal can get the job, but i just quit it and am banned for lifeeee" lol get real. i worked at both ups and macys between 18-20. quit both. reapplied to macys when i was 26 (got the job), and reapplied to ups when i was 29 (got the job). so like i said, 5-10 years and old employees files fall to the waste bin, and thus you can reapply.