Any word on Air-Drivers, Are they really getting rid of our position?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by siredline09, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. siredline09

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    Hey guys, I been with UPS for 4 years as an Air Driver, I got laid off on December 24, 2010. I was wondering if any of you guys have heard any rumors or facts about whats going to happen to all the air drivers. There are many rumors, but I need to know if anyone knows any facts about our position.
  2. packageguy

    packageguy Well-Known Member

    I work in central jersey, so far I heard
    and seen nothing. I still see all our air
    drivers, They still help us package car drivers with our air
  3. brett636

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    Here in Indiana all of our air drivers are still working. I imagine if something like that was on the works it would be on a case by case basis based on the needs of the area. Some of our PM air routes run till after 10 pm making it difficult to get a PC route that could cover it.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Are you in 804?
  5. BrownTie

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    Still using Air Drivers in the AM and PM here in the West. It will depend on area need and the amount of Air Drivers available. In some cases if Air volume is down it may not justify the amount of Air Drivers needed. Were you offered to work in the Preload or Local Sort?
  6. siredline09

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    Yea, 804 I was on 43rd st Manhattan, 50 Air Drivers got hit all in NYC area and long Island I think too, but I thought this was widespread I guess not.
  7. menotyou

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    Isn't that interesting?
  8. Had enough

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    Re: Any word on Air-Drivers, Are they really getting rid of our position?

    Originally Posted by Hoaxster
    Are you in 804?

    Yea, 804 I was on 43rd st Manhattan, 50 Air Drivers got hit all in NYC area and long Island I think too, but I thought this was widespread I guess not.

    Oh Boy!!! I'm not surprised! Good luck buddy!!
  9. Ibt804Hammer

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    Why wouldn't you not be surprised? We both agreed Pat D was a great business agent and his signature is on our suppliment with this language. Ah, your trying to blame the current board,LOL...........Play fair or don't play at all!
  10. Had enough

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    Excuse me I answered you fairly the last time...You never responded to my questions...Please dont start with me...I have my opinions OK???
  11. Ibt804Hammer

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    Not starting with you at all brother. It just seems like I cornered a pitbull and he is ready to attack. It has nothing to do with an opinion, just pure factual information about our local.
  12. 804brown

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    Guys, lets not start this crap up again. We have bigger fish to fry. Did you read that UPS profitted $5.8 Billion in 2010?? And Paul, they want to lay-off you clerks, while all the while they are raking in BILLIONS??
    Why don't we extent this cooling off period and ALL of us, Row A and Row B supporters , bang out on Friday and grab that huge blow-up Rat that the Union has and bring it to the NY Stock Exchange and have a huge protest! People have to know the truth about UPS!
  13. just chillin'

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    well how are they supposed to profit $6 BILLION in 2011 without taking half my $60,000? yes, i still have my sence of humor. for now...
  14. 804Warrior

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    Thats a great idea just not a great place to announce it. I agree something has to be done just not that. And nothing that can be linked to a website or group.
  15. klein

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    Put it on facebook, just like the Egyptians :)

  16. siredline09

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    I agree!
  17. 804brown

    804brown Well-Known Member

    OK, I know Friday might not be possible. But try calling the hall tomorrow. I will make a call and request this too. Talk to brothers and sisters in your building about this. Have them call the hall too. Maybe we can start something here. Maybe even members in other locals. We can make it a national day of demonstration/protest against UPS and their policy of greed. Or even regional, just from the tri state area. Right there on Wall St, at the Stock Exchange, waving to the cameras as the networks come down to see what's going on . Let's make this happen!
  18. siredline09

    siredline09 New Member

    start a thread on this subject!
  19. air_dr

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    I continue to hear nothing what so ever about any plans to eliminate air drivers in the upper midwestern hub out of which I work.

    One can only speculate what, if anything, the changes in NY mean for the rest of us long term.

    I have seen this with other organizations sometimes: they make certain changes which are intended to be permanent and may even be announced with great fanfare and possibly also follow the recommendations of some high priced consultants. Then a relatively short time later, sometimes only months, other times a year or two, the whole plan prooves to be a miserable failure, gets scrapped and its back to doing things the way they were done before.
  20. missb

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    Here in the Midwest I have heard they are trying to get rid of air drivers. I can say that at our hub we had 5 eam drivers when I started, 3 part time and 2 ft. We are now down to 2 every day and 3 most days. Hours are cut back quite a bit in the last 2 years. Some of the pm air routes are run by ft drivers most days. We have part time air drivers that hardly ever do their own job. Some of them work loading trucks sometimes, some just don't work.