Anybody ever break or lose a DIAD?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by soberups, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. soberups

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    I spent about 25 minutes tonight looking for my DIAD after it fell out of the truck and landed in a ditch.

    I had parked at a residential stop on a dark country road. The package was bulky and I wrestled with it to get it out from under shelf 1 and onto the steps. It was a DR so I was trying to scan it while I stood outside the passenger side door, but the barcode was bad so I had to screw around with holding a flashlight in one hand while I did a "find barcode" with the other. Meanwhile, the customer's 3 dogs come running out to greet me and they were jumping in and out of the truck, licking my face, sniffing my butt, etc etc etc. I finally got the package scanned and delivered,but in the confusion I left my DIAD sitting on the steps instead of putting it back in the holder. I got back in and drove away, but the road was washboard gravel on a steep hill and by the time I got to the next stop the DIAD was gone.

    I knew right away what had happened but no matter how hard I tried I couldnt find the DIAD. It was pitch black and foggy, with no streetlights, and the road was lined with oak trees that have dropped their leaves. Finding a brown DIAD in all that was virtually impossible, so I called in on my cellphone and told management that I would probably have to come back tomorrow and look for it in the daylight. I was told that if I failed to find it I would have to pay for it....which motivated me to look even harder, and after 25 minutes of walking in a ditch I finally found it.

    Has anybody ever lost or broken a DIAD? If so, was the company successful in making you pay for it? And how much did it cost? I have always thought that we could only be held liable for damaged property if we were grossly negligent, and I dont feel that this particlar incident would qualify. Opinions?
  2. trplnkl

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    Since Diad one, I have broken three screens and mangled up a couple of frame bodies, never had to pay for anything. We had a O/C sup loose one, she didn't have to pay either. Kudos on finding that one.

    You know as well as everyone else on here that the company would say this was gross negligence regardless and claim failure to use proper methods.
  3. faded jeans

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    Seems like I heard a cost of approx. $1500 mentioned one time. Mgmt. should have been able to drive right to it or very close with a GPS device.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I had 2 commercial deliveries within 200 yards of each other. As I completed the first, I leaned the DIAD on the bumper and then forgot that I had done so and drove to the next stop, which was just around the corner. As I reached for the DIAD I saw that it was not in the holder. It was leaning right where I had left it.

    I have heard that the cost is actually closer to $3K for the newer DIADs.
  5. longlunchguy

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    One of our guys lost one at a very busy intersection. Seems he left it on the back bumper and drove to the next stop. When he realized it was missing he retraced his steps. Imagine the shock as he sat at the red light watching car after car run the damn thing over! Oh, by the way.. 100 bucks a week for 25 weeks.
  6. chev

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    Wow, that is harsh. :surprised:
  7. over9five

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    Once on one of the larger DIADS (1 or 2?), I had three small but heavy boxes of bolts. I stacked them on top of the DIAD to carry them into the stop. The board was flexing as I walked and the screen shattered. I was able to complete the day without the screen. It was hard cuz I really had to concentrate and keep track of what "step" I was at!

    I didn't have to pay. Have never heard of anyone here having to pay for one.
  8. LiL"Comet"

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    About 4 years ago I was an OMS had a call from a feeder drvr told me he couldn't find his board. I told him to retrace his steps he said he really didn't have time to do more than he already had done. He had already been looking for the thing for about 30 minutes before calling in.

    So I down-loaded a new board to take out to him, when I got out there gave him the board and started looking my myself for him. I looked for that dang board for 2 hours with no luck.....

    He was not responsible for paying for the diad even though he was told he would but about 5 months later the diad was brought back to the center by a woman that said she found it. It was still in good shape but out of date then we had already switched to the new diad.
  9. mattwtrs

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    I misplaced a Diad 1 in the snow for about 10 minutes years ago. Delivering a resi and we just had a light fluffy snow. Of course the customers Lab came out to meet me. I think I had 3 boxes and I slipped on ice under the snow. As I tried to regain my footing the boxes & Diad flew. The Diad slid quite a distance under the snow on the ice and the Lab running around covered its tracks.

    I heard about a driver delivering to a lock on the Ohio River accidently dropping his Diad in the river never to be seen again. He had a rider that day...
  10. evilleace

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    For the cost (I don't believe this by the way I think it was a scare tactic) when I had a meeting for drivers helper the HR guy let us see a DIAD 3 and said it cost $5000 which I dont believe for a second
  11. cachsux

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    Back during the days of Diad 1, I had one crash for the third time that week and since I knew they would only reboot it and give it to me again the next day I may have,allegedly, threw it from across the street into the side of the package car. I picked it up and heard parts rattling around inside so I knew that Diad was done. I don`t consider it "damaging" the Diad rather it was more of a mercy kill.
  12. upsdude

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    How do we know the real cost of a DIAD? Seriously, most of us have heard figures from 1k to 5k. Once the grievance process determines an employee is financially responsible for DIAD replacement, a dollar value needs to be agreed upon. How old was the DIAD? Depreciation? An effective Teamster Local would get answers to those questions.

    We were recently told the DIAD contained hardware that would show if the board had been dropped. Supposedly a driver would be required to pay for a “dropped” DIAD. I told the center manager that was a nice try but what about the 12+ hours the DIAD is out of my possession? Of course there wasn’t any answer given.
  13. BrownGuy

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    A DIAD is $1300 and some change.
  14. nobber

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    I am in security, had a driver back up to a dock leaving room so he could open the back door, took his diad, opened the door and then proceeded to back to the dock. He crushed the diad. Paid $1500. (Diad 2) Determined to be negligence. Never seen anyone charged for breaking a screen, dropping one, stacking pkgs on one ...... The new ones are $3200
  15. pretzel_man

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    The DIAD is more than $1500, closer to about $2800.

    As far as GPS goes, we had that happen in my region. I driver had the DIAD fall out of a moving package car.

    Since the DIAD sends a "pulse" to the center every 14 minutes, they were able to find its location.

  16. upsdude

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    3 posts after mine, so far, 1300.00, 3200.00, and 2800.00. If I’m ever expected to pay for one I’ll see UPS in small claims court, they’re going to have to prove the value.
  17. buttere

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    I was told $1000 after having a few of them die on me. Never had to pay anything though.
  18. soberups

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    The customer must have dropped it, oops!
  19. metrophillyslub

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    cach,,, absolutely laughing my ass off. one of the most funniest posts yet.... "mercy kill"
  20. Jim Kemp

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    I broke the laser scanner over a pit bulls head once. Sup was ticked but it was the diad or a OSHA recordiable accident and a big hospital bill. They got over it