anyone else here have rolling breaks?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by deathracer, Jul 30, 2008.

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    we just got a new thing in our building and we have something called rolling breaks. so instead of shutting off all the belts and everyone takes a break, now everyone works and get a break while other ppl work. but i need help cause im not getting my break cause my sup forgets and sends too many ppl home early so i dont get a break till after my shift wich can go up to 5 hours sometimes. i tell him sometimes if i can get my break before he sends the ppl home but he forgets, what should i do? my union guy isn't around to see cause he started doing driving.
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    Sounds to me like you need to be more assertive. Don't be wishy washy and ask for a break, tell your sup you're going on break. Maybe next time he won't forget about you.
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    Between the 2nd and 3rd hour, part-timers have 10 minutes. This is in the national, unless dictated by a supplement differently, so you are right on. after 3 hours tell your sup you're going on break or going to file a grievance!
    I suggest you don't try to be a hero by working 5 hours straight and take the break you are entitled to. You will not benefit from it and maybe hurt yourself!
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    My advice is check your Supplement for the length of the break, and the time during which it must be taken. Then announce you're going to take it before time runs out, and then take it.

    State law may also guarantee you a break as well.
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    I looked in the master and there's no language for a P/T 10 minute break, except under article 40. Check supplements!
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    Rolling break means the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: has really hit the fan in my hub.
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    i don't see how rolling breaks could work at all....our outbounds are short staffed as is, sending people on break from them would be suicide for an outbound.
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    When I was a small sorter in the twilight sort, we used to do something similar. The whole hub would shut down for the normal 10 minute break, but sometimes we (the small sort) would work through break to catch up. Then afterwards, we would take break 2 or 3 people at a time until everyone had their break. The hub typically has to wait 1 hour after start up to take break, per the contract. I am sure your supervisor is not trying to screw you out of your break, just do as everyone else has suggested, speak up!
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    LOL small sort catch up, thats a joke, the small sort an hr into the sort in Buffalo is down ALL night, and then will run for like 2 mins at a time every 30 mins.
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    Wow, all the centers and hubs must be making lots of bypass bags for that to happen! I used to like going to Buffalo for a change of pace years ago, only in the summertime. Winter time driving to Buffalo sucked. (Was a challenge in UPS speak.)
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    First you should notify your sup and tell him than tell your ftime sup that you have not been able to take your break and that you have some paid time coming to you. Your break is a paid break if they do not allow you to take it than file a grievance. If you are working 5 hours than your 10 minute break will be paid at overtime.
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    That ^
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    Niagara falls and Dunkirk make their fair share, same with batavia, olean and jamestown. but by the time they back those trucks on from their centers.....the SS is done for the night so all the bags sit in the aisle and get sorted when we get the time.
  14. Wait, we get a break?
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    somewhat related....

    I worked at wal-mart for a while before coming over to UPS. the overnight crew was the bare necessities to keep the store open while also re-stocking the store, and they worked with a "rolling break" system as well. it was mainly so that one department person could go to lunch while someone else covered their department, and when they got back they would trade.

    well we got a new overnight manager and he didn't like this idea. so at 2AM his first night he got on the PA system and said "all overnight employees go on first break." that night, every laptop was stolen. someone busted the glass they were behind and made off with 15-20 laptops. the second night he did the same thing and every digital camera was stolen. the third night they were back to rolling breaks and that manager was put back on dayshift.
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    lol owned
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    The new manager must have not wanted to work night shift, he got to go back to his day shift.
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    Where are you at??? You need to get your Union Steward because here breaks MUST BE TAKEN... BREAKS MUST NOT START -B E F O R E- THE END OF THE -F I R S T- HOUR AND MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE END OF THE -T H I R D- HOUR...

    That is in the Southern Supplement so check with your Steward or local and tell them you are not getting your break...