anyone ever been to arbitration


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I went once when UPS tried to stick me with some bad checks that I took. On the morning of the arbitration, they offered to split the $2500 due on the checks. I declined to the delight of the union rep and lawyer. The company had some supes testify that I was at fault. Some of their testimony was discredited because of the dates of when new procedures were put in. My immediate supe nervously lied about the situation. I just remained calm and told the truth. Luckily, the arbitrator saw through their arguement and I won. I had no warning letters or C.O.D. problems at the time and I think that helped as well.
They set the arbitration date for the second week of December, so I got out of working one day during peak, too.


What did you do?

I had posted a thread about it a while back... but I have had a handful of customer complaints over the last 8 months.... most of them have to do with me being in a hurry and just looking to get the signature and move on... and people taking that as me being rude or something.... another was a lady road raged yelling at me because I was in her way to pull into a gas station as I was parallell parking and I was called every name in the book and to top it all off I was told by her that her husband was going to fine me and " kick my ass" which got a smile out of me cuz I am a big guy with 10 years of Jiu Jitsu training lol... and I just told her to have a nice day and ingroed her ranting as I did my next delivery... next day im in the office cuz she called and said I almost hit her car, which wasnt true and that I was beeping my horn at her... which I was tapping my horn as I backed up which is what im supposed to do.... and she of course told them I was laughing at her for yelling at me... which of course she didnt mention threatening me.... and since my center manager has been out to get me since he took over in my center he completely ignored what I had to say....


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Shouldn't be any problem for you. I'm sure the arbitrator will ignore the "handful of customer complaints", the people thinking you are rude, the lady who got mad at you for no cause, and the center manager who is trying to fire you (everybody knows managers like to fire people because it's so much fun to run the center a driver short and then train the replacement). Fortunately for you, there seems to be no personal responsibility here for anything that happened to you.
You got it made!


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There are some people that for what ever reason get a rush to screw with a UPS man's job.

I had a woman that would tail me for hours. I even had several customers that I delivered to while she was there. She told them that she just hated that delivery man, and would get him fired if she could.

Those statements from my customers did well at the hearings. Afterward, I had my attorney send her a letter telling her that any more harrassment on her part, with UPS harrassment in return would result in a lawsuit.

UPS did not want me to send that letter, but since they took everything she said as gospel, and tried to give me problems, I had no other choice.

So it happens. Just document what the company does. Then get a good lawyer to send the letter to the woman. And then sue her if she does not back off.