Anyone ever file for an medical accommodation?

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  1. Upslady20

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    Went to the doctor again today about my foot problem. I have been diagnosed with Tarpel Tunnel syndrome ( might have misspelled). I told had to drive an automatic from now on if I want to drive. So I filled out the ADA paperwork and have faxed it in. Now am waiting for corporate to decide what to do with me. Anyone else ever file under the ADA guidelines???
  2. OldUPSDriver

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    They can keep you on the preload as a full time employee.
  3. Upslady20

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    How do they figure out your pay if you go to the preload I am sure they will not let me keep my driver pay.. I have been a driver for just shy of 22 years. I would prefer to stay in the package car but will do whatever I need to to stay employed.
  4. HazMatMan

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    I thought that only affected the hands?????
  5. Upslady20

    Upslady20 Member

    Its tarpel when its in the foot area.
  6. toonertoo

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    Ive heard they no longer recognize carpal tunnel, probaly the same with yours. Good Luck!!
  7. 705red

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    Ups usually does not accomadate permanent restrictions, they will most likely offer you a buy out, but if you stick to your guns and fight it with the ada and other outside groups and get it in the media you will have a better shot at it. We had a driver with permanent restrictions and it was at a stand still until the driver got with the naacp and the good rev. jackson and then we was placed in a 22.3 job to finish out his carrer. Good luck to you.
  8. Raw

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    I was diagnosed with asspel tunnel syndrome recently, anyone know what that affects? I think it was from management sticking it to me!!
  9. rod

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    :lol::lol::lol: good one
  10. HazMatMan

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    Your right. I was not aware of that.
  11. disneyworld

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    How can they do that if it's considered work related?
  12. Upslady20

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    Just got a phone call from my center manager I have been released from TAW until they decide what to do with the ADA paperwork that was filed. So now I will go in and finish out my split shift then go on workmans' comp. He does not know how long it can take for the decision up to a couple of weeks he is guessing.. Still wondering if anyone has ever received an accommodation or if there is no hope in sight.. :sad:
  13. Big Babooba

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    We have a full time preload in our building. As per the contract, our preloaders make the same as a package driver plus a 15 cent night differential.
  14. VTBrown

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    You can't work a clutch but your fine working the brake?

    In all honesty if it's bothering you that shouldn't be driving at all as it's now a safety risk.

    Something to think about I'm sure the company will.
  15. Delivered

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    Does your building have very many automatic trucks in it now?
  16. Delivered

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    UPS has accommodated drivers in our building if the doctors require powering steering to avoid continued shoulder injuries. I don't know if the drivers actually filed any ADA paperwork, but they do get stuck with non-power from time to time.
  17. toonertoo

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    Im not really sure its something I heard, one day in a conversation at work. Ive had it for yrs, but in women, there is some muscle that men have that we lack, or something like that in the hand, so women are more prone to it than men. It can cause excrutiating pain at times, where lifting a gallon jug is impossible, but by lifting a different way, is fine. Im thinking thats where the term limp wristed came from. Because that is how it feels when it flares up. They tend to say you got it from normal everday activity, and not UPS. Thats just what ive heard, thats its not recognized as work related. Ive never tried to use it yet, so just sharing hearsay.
  18. beatupbrown

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    Strange thing about UPS if you have a on the job injury and have permanent restrictions ,UPS will not accommodate you.
    if you have a injury that is not work related with permanent restrictions they may accommodate you.:ohmy:
  19. Backlasher

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    No offence, But most of us use one (1) foot , hopefully the right foot to operate both the gas and brakes.

    2 feet on an automatic is for kids with temp. licence.:lol:

    He should be allowed 2 stay as a driver just using an automatic.

    There are 2 air drivers at my center that refuse 2 drive a stick cause they're not comfident, our center manager makes sure they have an automatic.

    It's kinda messed up that they're getting special privledge with less then 1 yr seniority but they get it.

    He has a good medical reason so if they ca then shouldn't he.:thumbup1:
  20. Upslady20

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    Why do you say I would have trouble brakeing. I know I use my clutch way more than the brake and the angle of the pressure on your foot is different. Also the pounds of pressure that you put on the clutch is alot more than the brake. If I used the same pressure on the brake I would slam everything to the front of the package car.
    I am in a very small center with only a max of 30 cars. We have 4 automatics at this time and are supposed to getting a few more in before peak.
    Just wondering if anyone else has ever had any luck.