Anyone fill out a “pre-designated doctor” form?

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    Years ago, we had an option (in CA) to fill out a “pre-designated doctor” form. This was in case of injury on the job; we could see our own doctor instead of the company Doctor. I personally filled it out. When I returned it to HR, I asked if there was any sort of receipt or proof I had submitted such form. Of course there was not. I just had to trust them.
    Fast-forward maybe 5 years. I’m hurt on the job. I ask about going to my doctor according to the form I submitted. SURPRISE!!! No one can find any record of such form. No, this does not have to be filled out yearly. This is a one-time deal, I was told. Anyone else have any luck with the “pre-designated doctor” form? :surprised:
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    You don't need a form to specify that you prefer your family doctor over the company doctor; however, before being cleared to come back, you very well may have to seen by the company doctor.

    We don't have those forms in New York.
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    as far as I know, in California you do need the pre designated doctor form. the small possible controversy, would be whether or not it has to be a company form. I remember having my doctor just fill out the pertinent information. only to have the person in human resources tell me it has to be a company from. so bottom line, I have the doctor fill out the company form, and that was lost. a lot of the changes concerning workman's compensation, were changed by are governor years ago, The Terminator.
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    The guy inSyracuse should be a manager. Talk about an egotistical, condescending jack ass. He was picking on real doctors for their signatures. Sorry, buddy. I know its gotta suck to not have a real practice and real patients. If I have to go see him again, I will have to take some major drugs to keep my mouth shut. I am dying to knock him down a couple notches. It would be so easy, as I am taller.
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    I've just seen the company doctor...waited 2 hours to have 1 minute of time with him. Can I still see my own doctor?
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    I didn't know the company had doctors, or can make you use a particular dr. I wouldn't trust them. Oh no sir, your arm's not broken...lifting packages will make it feel better, you're just fine lol. I got hurt on the job two years ago...filled out accident report and got a workers comp claim # and went to the er.
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