anyone get to ride with a security guard??


If there is then I dont want that run.
I`ve heard that some drivers have backup in New York city
not sure if its true.Tooner could use it.


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No, but just about every Wednesday morning the guard at the UPS gate always offers me one. She will say "Today is hump day, do you want to **** me"? I have had to tell her off. I get tired of sexual harassment at work, I am there to deliver boxes, not to be treated like a piece of meat.:dissapointed:


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Once a had security ride with me.
It was for a major shipment of jewelery that was going out on a friday for sat. air. I never got to leave the driver's seat. The company's security loaded the car while our guys watched. Since we were loading in a restricted business area that required a special pass , the local cops kept telling me to move along. Which I could not do.


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The "security" guards we have here are unarmed and making minimum wage. I wouldnt want them to guard anything of importance.
UPS wouldnt need to hire security if they allowed employees with concealed weapons permits to carry while working. The first time a would-be criminal got shot trying to hijack a UPS truck, the word would get out.


I had Armed security ride with me at other employments, when I delivered a trailer load of Provimi veal, Kodak Cameras and Canadian whiskey and Cigarettes.


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We have a few guard locations out of my facility.They are off duty NYPD.Yes,they carry guns.When I started we did those areas by our selves.Had to move fast and stay out of the stair wells!!


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All the sheriffs and other local enforcement can not believe I do not carry.
I go to places they will not go, without at least two more cars for backup.
It ain't a joke out there.
Do you have a carry permit? I am fortunate enough to live in a "shall issue" state so all it took for me to get my permit was an 8 hr class and an FBI criminal background check. It would be nice if UPS allowed those of us who went to the effort of getting certified to carry on the job. Unfortunately, I doubt that will ever happen.