Anyone hear about a UPS driver getting hit by a car in Conn.

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    Was talking to a couple of part-time residents at my gym. They just drove down from Rhode Island and told me about a Driver they know from the Hartford area that got hit by a car while working. They think he was seriously injured but aren't really sure, as they were getting ready to go south for the winter. I told them I'd inquire on here to see if someone knows or has heard something. Anyone hear about this??? They said the driver has 25 years on the job.
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    I heard something about this also steve!! I am going to hartford hub tonight and I will find out more!!!!!!

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    This accident happened in the summer. One of the drivers in the West was parked on the side of the road. He was attempting to cross the 2 lane street. An oncoming truck stopped so he decided to walk across. A car went around this truck and hit him straight on. He broke a vertebrae, ankle, and 2 other places that I can't remember.

    He has recovered for the most part, but with his time in the company pretty high, It is doubtful he will drive the truck again.
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    he got out of the truck, walked around the front and wasn't able to see the car was what i was told. he didnt die or anything, but isnt going to be walking anytime soon
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    Thanks cove, I await the details.
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    I heard this story also in our center, when I asked how he was doing about two weeks ago I was told he was still in the hospital and would probably never work again.
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    And will get blamed for the accident since he didn't walk around the back of the truck. No UPS surprise there. I hope he has a good recovery.
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    steveuposguy pretty much what was said here,he was hit by a truck crossing the street thats what I was told in Harct last nite!!
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    Heff, gave me the whole story. I even told himthe guys name and he was like, yeah, that's the guy. Thanks to all of you for the info. Shame to end a career this way.
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    The aforementioned couple from Rhode Island have been in touch with this driver and all that was said is confirmed. Doing well, rehabbing and on his way back to good health. Thanks for the info.